July 20, 2022 — Whiterabbit.ai, an AI company targeting late-stage disease, today announced efforts to recruit radiologists specializing in mammography to participate in a two-session retrospective study evaluating the impact of AI intelligence on radiologists. productivity. The study, developed in collaboration with researchers at the Stanford School of Medicine, will test the long-standing assumption made by most peer-reviewed publications that the use of artificial intelligence does not affect the work of radiologists.

“This study comes at a pivotal time in the development of AI-driven products, as the innovative technology has the ability to significantly assist radiologists’ workflow and inform decision-making,” said Whiterabbit.ai CEO Alexander Sardinia, MD . “This could have important implications in the clinical setting regarding the adoption of emerging AI technology, potentially overcoming challenges in detection and diagnosis.”

The study, conducted at Stanford Medicine, will take place over two weekends in early 2023. Participating radiologists will read mammography cases without AI intervention and four to six weeks later re-read cases with AI intervention

For radiologists interested in participating or learning more about the study, please contact: [email protected].


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