After the distraction-free BoringPhone, for example, we introduced the even more paired-down Mudita Pure. And now – back in the land of total distraction – check out this Arduino-compatible mobile phone. Using a spinning disc is stupid. How cool is that?

Justin Haupt is the Gadget Master Extraordinaire behind the device – she’s been designing the phone’s elements for the past two years.

There are no vintage parts – every element is newly manufactured, she says. We’re talking custom springs, 3D-printing, injection molded parts, all the gears, the dial mechanism, and more. She also had to write the software library for the OLED display…

Thanks to the Arduino team for sharing this via twitter:

It has full LTE connectivity once you insert your prepaid SIM card.

The phone’s features, apart from the rotary dial mechanism, include incoming call numbers that are displayed on the screen when a call comes in, a real mechanical ringer for sounds, a mode switch for making local calls, and a contact list display on the rear display of ePaper.

You can also manually edit the contact list through the microSD card interface, where there is a corresponding text list, there is also a battery charge indicator, and the external antenna can also serve as a stand. damn Impressive.

The MCU powering it all – the ATMega2560V – also works with the Arduino Bootloader for access, just plug it in with a USB-C cable. And it’s open source – KiCad, STEP and PDF files are available.

You can see the Unsmart Phone in action in the video below and you can visit her company Sky Edge here.

Available as a kit, she says she’s taking pre-orders, aiming to start shipping in November. The five color options are: white, beige, seafoam green, atomic hotline red and black.

Who are you calling an Unsmart Phone?

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