Before we get into today’s newsletter, I want to talk about our second Summit on the economy of the creatorshappens May 25. We are really excited to talk to executives of large companies, including Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest and hear from creators like the star of TikTok Josh Richards. We will dive into topics ranging from what Web3 and NFT really mean to creators, to the struggle for digital talent among major social networks. You will not want to miss it! Save your place here.

Now to the newsletter …

It was a lot of fun for us to choose how many social media creators attend big events like the Met Gala. Monday’s event featured a sensible star show on TikTok and YouTube (see summary here). But the big evening fashion show hasn’t always been so in love with influential people, according to Anna. new book coming out this week around Anna Wintourthe iconic editor-in-chief of Vogue, who organized the fundraising event for the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

After the Gala I talked to the author Amy Odel about Wintour’s often contemptuous attitude toward an earlier generation of influencers — namely, Paris Hilton and Kardashian — and how this developed. What stood out from Odell’s report was how many of these cable TV celebrities were seen as outsiders in the fashion sky. It seems that this feeling has been transferred to online stars – even though so much of the Gala is consumed on social media shows (and sponsored by Instagram!)

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