Two new studies warn that more than half of IT leaders are actively looking for new jobs, in part because they are dissatisfied with the amount of C-level support they and their technology organizations are receiving.

As many as 58% of enterprise IT managers are currently looking for work, according to a survey of 3,300 “decision makers” ordered by ManageEngine, the enterprise IT management division of Zoho. ManageEngine uses a market research agency Vanson Bourne to conduct the global survey, which includes IT and other key business functions from a range of private sector organisations.

A second study which collected nearly 8,000 responses from IT decision-makers and employees, found that more than half (53%) were “extremely” or “somewhat likely” to look for a new job in the next year. This study from an online learning site Skillsoftsaid respondents were affected by staff shortages and wanted to earn and learn more.

Nearly 81 percent of IT decision makers believe their company should have supported them more in the past two years, according to ManageEngine research. And nearly half said they would leave their current organization if flexible working was no longer offered (48%) or if there was no potential for career advancement (45%).

“Although IT departments have been heralded as technology champions of the pandemic, their empowerment and autonomy to make business decisions is insufficient due to C-Suite constraints,” the ManageEngine study said.

At the same time they have less of a say, 88% of North American business and technology leaders believe IT is more responsible for business innovation than ever before. Another 85% say IT can lead to even greater innovation if it has a stronger leadership position.

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