“Wi-Fi 6, also called 802.11ax, offers better network efficiency – especially in congested areas, lower latency and improved coverage compared to previous Wi-Fi standards,” said U-blox. “The thread paves the way for low-power IP-based networks, often used in home automation.”

Named MAYA-W271-00B, the module also supports classic Bluetooth and Bluetooth LE audio. “The new audio features allow devices to stream multiple different audio streams, receive multiple audio streams at the same time, and stream audio streams to multiple users,” the company said.

There will be open source software drivers for Linux, Android and FreeRTOS – the FreeRTOS software drivers are pre-integrated in the MCUXpresso software development suite, while the Android and Linux software drivers are pre-integrated into the NXP i.MX board support packages application processors.

The device is built around NWP’s IW612 IC and has two separate antenna pins for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth / 802.15.4. Three other MAYA-W2 modules are planned, built around the simpler IW611 and offering only Wi-Fi and Bluetooth with different connectivity options.

“NXP’s recently announced IW612 is the industry’s first three-radio device to provide secure connectivity for smart home and industrial use and is ideally suited to ecosystems, including the new Matter protocol,” said NXP Marketing Director Tom Eichenberg. “U-Blox is one of the first companies to use this solution for its MAYA-W2 module.”

U-blox describes it as both a “professional” and an “industrial” class – operation is above -40 to 85 ° C.

He sees it being used in solar inverters and charging infrastructure for electric vehicles, as well as in wireless hubs and gateways used in healthcare, smart buildings, smart homes (including Matter) and smart factories. “Other potential uses include professional appliances, asset management and fleet, and retail solutions.”

Samples of the module and assessment kits will be available in June.

Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth LE 5.2, Thread and Zigbee on a 10 x14mm module

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