Advanced CPU security techniques are designed to prevent various malware attacks, but sometimes harm legitimate well-intentioned programs. This happened with Developed by Intel control flow application technology (CET) that prevented users from running Microsoft Store applications on some Windows 10-based systems. To resolve this issue, users must install the new hotfix for Windows 10 KB5015020.

of Intel CET option Supported by the company’s chips, starting with the 11th-generation Tiger Lake processors and some of AMD’s latest processors, it is designed to protect against legitimate code abuse through hijacking attacks. The technique must be supported by software and application developers can use two methods of protection against attacks to hijack control flow: indirect tracking of branches (to protect against programming attacks focused on skipping / calling) and shadow stack (for protection against return-oriented programming (ROP) attack).

Apparently, after installing one of the latest updates to Windows 10, the OS began to use CET capabilities against legitimate applications obtained from Microsoft’s own store.

(Image credit: Intel)

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