Games have become a lucrative business in recent years. What was once a fun hobby is now evolving into a thriving business with many opportunities to make money.

Because games are an activity that can be done from anywhere, even working mothers can get involved.

Today we will discuss the most practical ways to make money while playing games. Keep in mind that this is a rather unstable career. Although there is potential for big profits, it’s best to think of it as a side job until you’re sure you’re pursuing it as a full-time career. Games are a very competitive market, but they are also relatively fun and easy to think about.


You will be surprised by the variety of gamers nowadays. While they may then be stereotypical as mostly male teenagers, there have been so many types of video game content creators in the last decade. While male teenagers are still dominant, streamers now range from young women like Pokimane to 60-year-old grandmothers like TacticalGramma.

The most popular streaming platforms for gaming communities are YouTube and Twitch. Here are some things to keep in mind if you’re pursuing streaming as a career choice. Ask your children, a friend who understands technology, or for help if you want practical technical help:

High speed internet connection

High speed internet connection is a requirement for streamers. Without a stable internet connection, people will not tune in to your streams, because the video show will come out incredibly fragmented. Not to mention that if you stream online games, you need a fast internet connection to keep up with other players on the server.

Good equipment

In addition to a fast internet connection, you need a suitable gaming platform and recording devices. No one will tune in to the stream if the camera is blurred or the voice sounds like HAL 9000 due to a bad microphone. The checklist should be:

  • Medium to high performance computer, depending on the games you play
  • HD webcam
  • High quality microphone
  • headphones
  • Soundproof space
  • Streaming software (OBS is the best choice)
  • Good lighting adjustment

Not shy about the camera

Streamers are first and foremost fun. While playing video games, you need to look natural, regardless of your skills. Join the chat and always thank those who give any donations or subscriptions. Most importantly, don’t fake it. It is important to play games that you like and be honest with your viewers, as this builds a strong fan base.

As a final note, there is a practice called “vtubing” that has become popular recently. If you happen to be a fan of anime, becoming a vtuber can help you build a strong fan base from the start with an attractive virtual avatar. It should also be noted that Vtuber agencies exist and they often hire fun streamers and provide them with potentially stable jobs.

Let’s play

For those who are not very comfortable with the idea of ​​live setup, but still want to entertain people with video games, lets plays are a great option. Let’s Players are content creators focused primarily on recording how they play video games (without an audience) and then uploading lets plays to their channel.

Playing video content allows you to have more control over the final product. You can edit long, boring parts of your playback, make funny edits to entertain viewers, and not worry about thanking your subscribers for a minute.

Of course, let’s play and streaming are not mutually exclusive. You can easily stream games and then edit an archived version for your Let’s play YouTube channel as an additional form of income.

Online markets

If you want to practice your sales skills, then online markets are a great way to do that. Online markets allow gamers to trade items in the game with real currency. If you play a religious multiplayer game and are sitting on a stockpile of valuable cosmetics, for example, it’s a good idea to sell them for cash.

In addition to cosmetic items, you can sell your skills on the online market. Some busy gamers hire people to farm in their accounts so that their characters improve faster, even when they’re not playing. This is especially popular for MMORPGs such as World of Warcraft and mobile games such as Growtopia.

There is also some grumbling about potential gains with blockchain based games, but this industry is relatively young and unstable. Be careful and research blockchain technology to see if you’re ready for this journey.

Essays on video games

If you are a writer with a deep passion for video games, then video game essays may be the niche for you. Video game essays are very similar to film reviews and analysis videos. Your goal is to inform the viewer why you love (or hate) a particular video game and record videos of it that you use as a background for the video.

Video game essays are a lucrative niche if you play the algorithm correctly. People love to learn new things about the media they are passionate about, and video game essayists provide this service. YouTubers like Super Eyepatch Wolf and Jacob Geller have amassed huge and loyal fan bases with their unique approach to creating video game content.


Gaming is a really fun hobby and a potentially lucrative career. However, you should never allow games to become boring. Many people who pursue games as a career can feel a lot of burnout due to lack of immediate success. As always, start small and build your portfolio as a gaming professional, but don’t commit completely until you’re confident in your abilities. This confidence may come sooner than you think.

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How Work From Home Moms Can Earn More While Playing Games

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