X’s audio chat rooms, called Spaces, can now broadcast live video, but only to those hosting the session. Like On the edge reports Dogecoin designer published official feature description on the platform formerly known as Twitter. Hosts will now be able to choose whether to enable video and turn on their cameras when creating a space. They can then broadcast with their front or rear camera and in portrait or landscape orientation. We don’t yet see the option to enable video in Spaces on Android, but it’s reportedly already available for iOS devices.

The platform already has a separate feature allowing users to broadcast live video, but this option is not as interactive as Space. In a space session, participants can still talk or host, although only the host has the ability to broadcast live video.

Based on subsequent posts by some users, X needs to fix several bugs and other issues in order for the feature to run smoothly. Enabling video obviously introduces quite a long delay in chat sessions, and broadcasting in landscape makes it impossible to manage space as the video takes up the screen. Also, desktop participants still don’t have the ability to watch videos. Mobile users viewing videos are presented with an interface that prominently displays the host’s visual feed next to participants’ user icons. The Verge says that the videos are only live within chat sessions as they happen in real-time and that users will need to join to see them, meaning that recorded spaces are still audio-only at the moment.