On Saturday, the Law Enforcement Administration dismissed as “unfounded” allegations that statements by employees of Xiaomi India, a wholly owned subsidiary of China’s Xiaomi mobile device company, had been recorded “under duress”, saying the allegations were overdue.

The federal agency responded to some news reports saying Xiaomi had claimed in a recent application to the Karnataka Supreme Court that its top officials had been threatened with “physical violence and coercion” during their interrogation by ED investigators in Bengaluru. .

The Directorate of Enforcement (ED) issued a statement saying it was “a professional agency with a strong work ethic and there was no coercion or threat to the company’s employees at any time.”

“Allegations that Xiaomi India officials’ statements were taken under duress by ED are false and unfounded.” .

It states that the statements were filed by them on the basis of documents and information provided by the company in the course of the investigation.

“Their statements are confirmed by the written replies sent to the ED and the recorded materials,” the agency said.

The development comes amid the adoption of ED on April 29 to seize Xiaomi India’s funds worth more than Rs. Rs 5,551 for alleged breach of Indian Currency Law (Currency Management Act).

Karnataka’s Supreme Court earlier this week postponed the order to ED.

The agency added that the statement of Xiaomi’s global vice president Manu Kumar Jain was recorded four times, on April 13, April 14, April 21 and April 26, while the statement of CFO Sameer BS Rao was recorded six times.

Rao’s statement was recorded on March 25, April 14, April 19, April 21, April 22 and April 26, the statement said.

“However, no complaint was lodged by them at any point in time during the recording of statements on various occasions.” “The last statement of the company’s officials was recorded on April 26, 2022, and the seizure order was issued on April 29, 2022. It seems that the statement, which is now made after a considerable time, is overdue,” it said. in the message.

The agency said Xiaomi’s allegations were “baseless and far from the facts”. Xiaomi is a trader and distributor of mobile phones in the country under the MI brand.


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