WT5000 Precision Power Analyzer – Transformer Version offers 0.008% accuracy and achieves the highest possible accuracy at power factors up to 0.001

Yokogawa has launched the WT5000 Precision Power Analyzer, a version of the transformer that is dedicated to helping transformer manufacturers develop and validate high-efficiency product losses for utility customers.

Transformers play a crucial role in the electrical network. With electricity demand set to rise to 40 TWh by 2040 and with transformers responsible for around 4% of distribution losses, achieving more efficient transformers has never been more important.

Distribution system owners shall impose sanctions on transformer manufacturers depending on the degree of loss measured during the no-load test. As these penalties can exceed EUR 13 000 per kilowatt and include measurement uncertainty, it is vital for transformer manufacturers to measure these losses accurately and with minimal uncertainty. This reduces the cost of sanctions and builds greater trust among customers.

The WT5000 Precision Power Analyzer – Transformer Version helps manufacturers achieve the high-precision analysis needed to develop cost-effective and efficient transformers. The instrument is equipped with a special input module that has much better uncertainty specifications for transformer testing.

The WT5000 precision power analyzer version is Yokogawa’s most accurate power analyzer, offering an accuracy of 0.008% for a single power factor and offering the best accuracy at low power ratios for commercial frequencies from 45 to 66 Hz. Low power factors have a dramatic effect on accuracy. The instrument offers an accuracy of 0.6% of the reading, even with a power factor of 0.001 at 100 V and 1 A.

Kelvin Hagebeuk, Marketing Manager – Testing and Measurement, says: “Whether during R&D, production or acceptance testing, the WT5000 Precision Power Analyzer – Transformer version produces the reliable measurements that engineers need while seek to improve transformer efficiency and verify losses while reducing total property costs for utilities. “

Transformer manufacturers can rely on the WT5000 precision power analyzer – the low power factor capability of the transformer version, as it comes with ISO17025 accredited calibration certificates from Yokogawa’s accredited ISO17025 calibration laboratory. This gives confidence that they meet the IEC60076-8 standard.

The precision power analyzer WT5000 – transformer version is optimized by ISO17025 accredited calibration at 53Hz at power coefficients 1, 0.5, 0.05, 0.01 and 0.001. Additional calibration up to 100 kHz guarantees performance when measuring distorted waveforms, for example during transformer no-load current measurements. This allows the integrated transformer measuring system to measure power losses with great accuracy and to capture any deviation outside the limits described in the IEC60076-8 standard.

With a full touch screen supported by hardware shortcuts and powerful remote data capture software, the WT5000 offers a seamless and intuitive experience that makes connecting, configuring and measuring easier than ever. The 10.1-inch WXGA touchscreen provides excellent noise resistance even in high-noise environments.

Using the WT5000 precision power analyzer, a version of the transformer, engineers can measure three or four different power phases at 10 MS / s (18 bits). The 10.1-inch WXGA high-resolution display allows split-screen viewing of up to seven waveforms and can display up to 12 pages of measurement parameters, from products as diverse as inverter motors, renewable energy technologies and traction applications such as pumps, fans, electric vehicles and power transformers. Measurements can also be displayed in vector format or with a trend over time.

Yokogawa also offers supporting software packages that can be used to coordinate several instruments, including the WT5000, in one measurement package to view different data sources simultaneously.

Some software features allow users to view up to 22 waveforms and two harmonic bar graphics (six waveforms, sixteen trends, two vectors, and three harmonic bar graphics: WTViewerE) simultaneously in split screen mode. Alternatively, they can zoom in with cursors to see more detail in a particular area of ​​interest. Users can customize, save and load screen layouts, as well as specify the data to be saved in CSV format. The software also allows users to create custom calculations by combining values ​​from multiple power analyzers.

In addition, the software allows users to analyze and control remote measurements in real time or use pre-acquired data. In online mode, users have real-time control of measurements from each connected instrument, which allows them to remotely start or stop integration or collect live measurements. Users can analyze the latest data acquired or stored before and offline.

Up to 32 GB of internal memory can be used to store and recall various custom configurations and test settings. It can also be used to record large amounts of measurement data over long periods of time, behaving exactly like a recorder. This large, non-volatile memory makes it easy to store data without preparing external media.

Using the WT5000’s three-phase delta calculation, engineers can check the mains voltage and phase voltage at the same time without changing the wiring. The built-in triangle calculation function allows both star-delta and triangle-star conversion, which allows users to calculate individual phase voltages from mains voltages measured in a three-phase, three-wire (3V3A) system.

The WT5000 offers advanced harmonic analysis, allowing engineers to evaluate and compare the input and output harmonics of inverters, motors or air conditioners up to the 500th row. In addition to simultaneously measuring harmonics and power, it also offers parallel comparisons of harmonics from two different input sources.

In addition to low-pass filters and linear filters, the WT5000 has advanced filtering capabilities that allow accurate analysis of even the most challenging waveforms.

For more information on the WT5000 precision power analyzer – transformer version, please Press here.

Yokogawa’s most accurate power analyzer enables precise verification of power losses in transformers

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