YouTube is releasing gifted memberships in beta and will be available for select channels from Wednesday. Membership is YouTube’s view of Twitch subscriptions, which viewers can use to show financial support to creators and gain access to certain benefits, such as personalized emojis. Twitch users have been buying gift subscriptions for some time, but if you’ve wanted to buy a membership gift for other YouTube channel fans, you haven’t been able to.

The membership gift beta will be available to a “small group of creators” to begin with and will be expanded to more “over the next few months,” YouTube said. on the function page. Channels that are interested in trying out the feature can fill out this form on Googlealthough you must now qualify for membership in the first place, which is own set of requirements. And the gifts will only be available to viewers who use a desktop browser window to get started – buying a mobile membership gift is something YouTube plans to have to fully launch the feature.

Viewers will also need to get involved in order to receive gifted channel memberships (which can be a way to prevent harassment, such as the changes YouTube has made in its version of attacks). Gifted memberships will appear in the chat, and you’ll need to click on a link and then switch to allow gifts. You can get an idea of ​​what the experience of this screenshot, taken from a GIF from YouTube, looks like:

Click the switch to receive gifted memberships.
Image: YouTube

With “Gift Membership”, members of your channel can purchase a number of channel memberships [5, 10, 20] with one purchase that YouTube will “give away” to other viewers in your live stream, “says YouTube. “Viewers who receive a membership gift receive 1 month access to the benefits of your membership in the channel, such as loyalty badges, personalized emojis and more. Viewers who receive a membership gift do not pay any fees and as a creator, you receive your usual share of the revenue from each transaction.

Gifted memberships are just the latest versions of YouTube’s main features of Twitch, introduced to better compete with Amazon’s popular streaming service. But YouTube isn’t just competing for features – it also lured some huge Twitch names, including DrLupo, TimTheTatman, Ludwig, and in a deal announced just last week. Sikunoto be transmitted exclusively on its platform.

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