It was a busy weekend and I’m not talking about cars. Two major blockchains, Ethereum and Solana, have suffered significant disruptions due to an increase in transactions involving irreplaceable tokens. The signal was so bad that a popular NFT creator offered to build his own blockchain – stressing the urgency of the upcoming change in Ethereum’s way of checking transactions, a long-awaited process that could reduce such bottlenecks.

It started with a growing field of crypto speculation: virtual real estate. South Laboratorystarting behind Bored Ape Yacht Club The NFT collection on Saturday sold 55,000 special NFT to verified holders of ApeCoin, the token associated with the collection. Each NFT gives the owner access to a plot of land in the metaverse of the South, which he calls the Other Country. It was a blockbuster sale worth about $ 360 million based on the price of the ApeCoin token at the start of the sale (about $ 21.50) and the price of each 305 ApeCoin plot.

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