The latest UKTN Podcast has been released now. This week’s guest is Philip Belamant, co-founder and CEO of fintech company Zilch.

The London-based company provides purchase-now-pay-as-you-go (BNPL) services that allow consumers to buy interest-free products.

Zilch has grown rapidly since its launch 18 months ago and now has more than two million customers.

The double unicorn – valued at more than $ 2 billion – recently launched in the United States and opened headquarters in Miami.

During the show, Belamant told UKTN Podcast host Mark McDonagh how Zilch plans to win over 120 million potential customers across the Atlantic.

Belamant is also deepening the current market downturn and how it is affecting fintech companies.

“One thing we’ve seen in the market over the last few years is this concept of growth at all costs,” Belamant said. “And the problem is that you’ve made some great financial technology build some really great products, but you’re missing one thing – and that’s usually a business model.”

Elsewhere in the UKTN Podcast, Belamant explains how Zilch differs from competitors such as Klarna and Afterpay and reveals some of the problems it sees with their approach to BNPL.

The founder of Zilch, a native of South Africa, remembers how an investor gave up financing at the last moment when they had a “form with deadlines in hand”.

Belamant explains why the UK is lucky to have so many family offices and high net worth people ready to support technology start-ups.

It also delves into current trends in the BNPL and how it sees interest-free payments as a useful tool in the context of the cost of living crisis and where it sees room for the BNPL.

“Never before has anything meant so much,” Belamant said, referring to interest-free payments.

This is the last episode of the first season of the UKTN Podcast – but don’t worry, we’ll be back with season two after a short break.

In the meantime, you can find all previous episodes of the UKTN Podcast here.

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UKTN Podcast: Zilch CEO on US expansion and why ‘growth at all costs’ is dead

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