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ZTE recently unveiled its new global brand vision “Better for All” at MWC24. The company aims to use advanced technology to improve global connectivity and improve the quality of life for all. Through innovative products and solutions, ZTE demonstrates how it plans to bring this vision to life and make cutting-edge technology accessible and useful to all.

MWC24: ZTE’s Global Brand Vision: “Better for All”

ZTE’s new global brand vision “Better for All” aims to use technology for the benefit of society. The vision focuses on creating products and solutions prioritizing social welfare, environmental sustainability and ethical considerations. It is in line with global efforts to address the digital divide, climate change and sustainable development.

By committing to responsible and inclusive innovation, ZTE aims to design products that are accessible to everyone, including underserved communities, and invest in technologies that can solve global challenges. The vision also emphasizes collaboration with partners, governments and organizations around the world to use technology for social good.

MWC24: ZTE’s Smart Ecosystem 3.0 Full Scenario

ZTE recently unveiled its Full-Scenario Intelligent Ecosystem 3.0 at MWC24. It’s a breakthrough in AI-powered connectivity and innovation. The overall ecosystem aims to promote intelligent interconnection between multiple terminals, integrating a unified AI platform that combines large-scale AI models, big data and 3D technology. The ecosystem is designed to provide seamless connectivity, enhanced perception and integrated computing in a variety of scenarios including sports, health, entertainment, business, travel, home, education and smart driving.

Key ecosystem innovations include the launch of the nubia Pad 3D II, the world’s first glasses-free 5G+AI 3D tablet. The tablet uses Neovision 3D Anytime technology to convert 2D to 3D content in real time. This tablet is a significant advance in 3D technology, offering users an immersive visual experience without special glasses. Additionally, ZTE’s collaboration with China Mobile aims to explore further applications of glasses-free 3D technology to enhance user experience by merging the virtual and real worlds.

ZTE continues to lead the field in 5G, with its FWA & MBB products maintaining the highest global market share. Introducing AI 5G indoor FWA ZTE G5 Ultra and 5G Advanced-ready outdoor FWA ZTE G5F demonstrates ZTE’s commitment to improving network performance and user experience through AI technology.

In addition, the ZTE RCU product Y2002 integrates 5G, V2X and MEC technologies to improve road safety and traffic efficiency, demonstrating ZTE’s commitment to using technology to benefit society.

MWC24: ZTE’s new generation streaming stick

ZTE made a remarkable debut at MWC Barcelona 2024 with its latest offering, the UHD Streaming Stick B866W12M, which represents a significant advance in portable home media terminals. The new Streaming Stick is compact and easy to use, offering plug-and-play functionality like a USB flash drive. It is ideal for those who value mobility and convenience. The device features a quad-core Cortex-A55 chip that provides high processing power while consuming low power. It supports up to 4K output for a remarkable Ultra-High Definition (UHD) viewing experience.

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Built on the S905Y5 SOC platform, the Streaming Stick features Wi-Fi access and Fast Ethernet interfaces that cater to various user scenarios. With H.265, AV1 and VP9 decoding capabilities and an HDMI 2.1 interface, the Streaming Stick provides high-quality content transmission. The device now has premium content apps for easy access to movies, TV shows and other digital content.

ZTE’s commitment to enhancing user satisfaction is evident in the design and functionality of the Streaming Stick, providing a seamless and enriched viewing experience. The product provides a complete service work environment that benefits end users and operators. It enables rapid service development, increases customer loyalty and accelerates the growth of Over-The-Top (OTT) services.

MWC24: ZTE’s 4K DVB Zapper STB for an enhanced UHD TV experience

ZTE Corporation introduced the B810T2-A10, a new generation 4K Ultra High Definition Set Top Box (STB) at MWC Barcelona 2024. This Linux-based STB is designed to provide a superior TV viewing experience. It comes with a high-performance System on a Chip (SoC) based on the Cortex-A35 chip and advanced memory to redefine the standards for clarity and smoothness in TV images.

The 4K DVB Zapper STB from ZTE is designed to meet the growing demand for 4K video streaming. It is perfectly poised to meet the needs of both operators looking to enhance their service offerings and consumers looking for a superior video viewing experience. Despite the widespread provision of Internet Protocol (IP) video services in 4K, digital video broadcasting (DVB) services have largely remained in high definition (HD).

ZTE’s latest STB aims to bridge this gap by supporting H.265 decoding, High Dynamic Range 10 (HDR10) and Hybrid Log Gamma (HLG), along with offering various peripheral interfaces such as USB and HDMI for output with 4K resolution.

This launch comes at a critical time, with the Paris 2024 Summer Olympics on the horizon, highlighting STB’s capacity to serve operators in video delivery and enhance the consumer viewing experience. ZTE is committed to the development and implementation of high-quality home media terminals, as evidenced by this latest offering.

Looking ahead, ZTE plans to continue its cooperation with global operators to explore new types of products, striving to develop premium home terminals and contribute to the future of smart homes, ensuring that users around the world can enjoy UHD a TV experience like never before.

MWC24: ZTE’s cloud-based converged video platform

ZTE Corporation launched a cloud-based converged video platform with cloud-based architecture and AI-powered marketing capabilities. The platform is designed to support services for individuals, households, enterprises and new business markets, making it highly flexible and revenue generating for operators.

Its cloud-native architecture enables flexibility in service deployment, automatic scaling of resources, and efficient and secure expansion of the service system.

The platform’s AI-powered marketing features have driven revenue growth through content monetization, e-commerce and advertising, leading to significant increases in video service revenue and ARPU for operators.

Using AI, ZTE aims to collaborate with operators and industry partners to explore new video business models and opportunities for industry transformation.

ZTE’s showcase at MWC24 highlights its vision of “Better for All” and a full-script Smart Ecosystem 3.0 that uses 5G, AI and cloud technologies to create an inclusive and sustainable living environment. ZTE aims to bridge the digital divide and drive technological innovation for the benefit of society, positioning itself as a key player in the global sustainability movement.

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ZTE Reveals New Global Brand Vision and Product Lineup at MWC24