To meet today’s market needs for improved form factors and energy-efficient products, Infineon Technologies has developed a new CoolMOS™ PFD7 high-voltage MOSFET family, setting a new standard in 950 V superjunction (SJ) technology. The new 950 V series combines outstanding performance with state-of-the-art ease of use and features an integrated fast body diode, ensuring a robust device and in turn a reduced Bill of Materials (BOM). Engineered for ultra-high power density as well as the highest efficiency designs, the new products are primarily targeted at lighting systems as well as consumer and industrial SMPS applications.

The new products are suitable for flyback, PFC and LLC/LCC designs, including half-bridge or full-bridge configurations, making switching stable and reliable. By integrating an ultra-fast body diode with an ultra-low reverse charge recovery (Q rr ), they offer hard switching resistance and reliability. This makes it the most robust SJ MOSFET in this voltage class, allowing use in all topologies in the target applications. In addition, significantly reduced switching losses (E OSS, Q OSS and Q g) improve efficiency in hard and soft switching applications and result in up to 4°K lower MOSFET temperature compared to 900 V CoolMOS C3 SJ MOSFETs. The new products improve PFC light- and full-load efficiency by more than 0.2 percent while matching LLC efficiency, contributing to a greener world.

The new family offers devices with up to 55 percent lower resistance (R DS(on)) in various SMD and THD packages, such as 450 mΩ in DPAK or 60 mΩ in TO247. This allows designers to use smaller packages and increase power density and board space savings at reduced BOM and manufacturing costs. A gate-source threshold voltage (V (GS),th) of 3 V and a smallest V (GS),th variation of ±0.5 V make the new devices easy to design and drive, resulting in increased design freedom . Due to the low threshold voltage and tolerance, linear mode operation of the MOSFET is avoided while allowing lower control voltage and reduced no-load losses. Additionally, 60 percent improved shutter charging compared to CoolMOS C3 results in significantly reduced driving losses. ESD resistance is ensured with a human body model (HBM) class 2 level, which provides reduced ESD-related damage and improved production yield.


The new 950 V CoolMOS PFD7 family comes with exceptional portfolio detail, with both SMD and THD packages to enable smaller form factors with increased power density and BOM savings. All product variants can be ordered now. More information can be found at

950 V CoolMOS™ PFD7 family with an integrated fast body diode