Apple recently introduced its groundbreaking product, Apple Vision Pro, marking a significant leap forward in spatial computing technology. This innovative headset integrates cutting-edge features into a sleek and compact design, promising users an unparalleled experience. One of the key developments accompanying the launch of the Vision Pro is the introduction of a web-based column page in the App Store dedicated to these revolutionary headphones. The company recently launched the web version of the visionOS App Store. It offers a new way to explore Vision Pro headset applications and users interested in the headset.

The title of the page is “App Store for Apple Vision Pro”. The carousel at the top shows recommended apps, game collections, etc. Below are columns that include “What’s New,” “Latest Stories,” “Hot This Week,” “Browse by Category,” “Apple Vision Pro Most Best Apps for Apple Vision Pro,” “Games for iPhone/iPad for Vision Pro”, “Must Play Apple Arcade Games” and more. Previously, users had to open the App Store on the Vision Pro headset to view apps for the Vision Pro headset. Now, Apple has added a new review page to sort and summarize the latest and recommended apps and games.

The evolution of Apple Vision Pro

The Apple Vision Pro is the culmination of decades of Apple expertise in designing high-performance devices, combining advanced technology with elegant aesthetics. With a focus on spatial computing, these headsets offer users a seamless blend of digital content with their physical environment. From spatial audio to responsive eye tracking, Vision Pro redefines the way users interact with technology.

Spatial computing has been redefined

At the heart of the Vision Pro experience is its spatial operating system, visionOS, which enables intuitive interaction through eye movements, hand gestures and voice commands. This new input system allows users to navigate apps effortlessly and engage with content in ways never seen before. The headset’s advanced eye-tracking system and customizable micro-OLED displays deliver stunning visuals and personalized audio experiences.

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App Store integration for Vision Pro

Apple’s decision to launch a web-based App Store column page tailored for Vision Pro marks a strategic move to improve user accessibility and app compatibility. By showcasing apps optimized for the headset, Apple aims to provide users with a diverse set of experiences, from productivity tools to entertainment options. In particular, apps like Zoom have been adapted to offer unique features specifically for Vision Pro.

Ahead challenges and opportunities

Despite its ambitious goals, Vision Pro faces challenges in application development and market adoption. Developers are wary of the platform due to its unique user interface requirements and high cost. Additionally, tensions between Apple and some developers add complexity to the availability of Vision Pro applications. However, by emphasizing Safari’s capabilities and supporting WebXR protocols, Apple aims to create a robust ecosystem that leverages web technologies for immersive experiences.


Apple’s unveiling of Apple Vision Pro represents a significant advance in spatial computing technology. It integrates cutting-edge features into an elegant design for an unparalleled user experience. The introduction of a web-based column page in the App Store dedicated to Vision Pro improves app accessibility and compatibility. It also helps to demonstrate a diverse range of optimized applications. This innovative headset with its visionOS spatial operating system redefines user interactions through intuitive gestures and commands. It delivers stunning visuals and personalized audio experiences.

While challenges exist in app development and market adoption, Apple’s strategic approach aims to overcome obstacles by leveraging web technologies for immersive experiences. Vision Pro is a testament to Apple’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of technology and creating transformative user experiences in the digital realm. What do you think of the web-based App Store column page for the Vision Pro headset? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below

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Apple launched a web-based App Store column page for Vision Pro headset