Apple has announced the end of its iOS developer university program, effective May 15, according to a notice on the company’s official website and an email sent to program members. The program, which allowed university professors and other qualified instructors to create development teams of up to 200 students, enabled students to build and test apps without paying the usual $99/year Apple Developer Program membership fees.

Reasons for termination

Apple did not disclose the specific reasons for ending the university’s iOS developer program. However, the company said accredited educational institutions can still join Apple’s developer program for free by applying for a fee waiver, provided they meet certain requirements.

Fee waiver eligibility

To be eligible for a fee waiver for the Apple Developer Program, organizations must meet the following criteria:

  • Be a legal entity with the status of a non-profit organization, an accredited educational institution or a government organization
  • Not an individual, sole trader or sole proprietorship
  • You have not signed the Paid Apps Agreement (Schedules 2 and 3 of the Developer Program License Agreement) to offer paid apps or in-app purchases through the App Store (or you have terminated the Paid Apps Agreement if previously signed)
  • They do not otherwise sell digital goods or services through any of their applications

Additionally, if an organization operates an alternative marketplace for iOS apps in the European Union (EU), it can only distribute apps from developers who have also received the same fee exemption.

Fee Waiver Request

Organizations that join the Apple Developer Program as a non-profit organization, accredited educational institution, or government organization can choose the option to request a fee waiver when they complete their enrollment. If an organization is already enrolled in the Apple Developer Program and meets the eligibility criteria, the Account Holder may apply for a fee waiver at any time prior to the membership expiration date.

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Apple will review the request and contact the organization if additional documentation is needed. If approved for a fee waiver for the Apple Developer Program, the organization will not have to pay annual membership fees. However, a full or partial refund is not available for previous membership payments or a core technology fee.

Renewal and removal of fee waiver

When membership in the Apple Developer Program is up for annual renewal, the Account Holder will need to confirm that the organization continues to be eligible for the fee waiver. If the fee waiver request was previously approved, but the organization is no longer eligible, the fee waiver status will be removed. if this occurs, the organization will be responsible for the annual membership fee of $99 (or local currency, if applicable) and any applicable core technology fee.

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Impact on students

The end of the university’s iOS developer program means that students who were previously able to build and test apps without paying a membership fee will now have to rely on their educational institutions to get a fee waiver or pay themselves the $99/year membership fee if they wish to continue developing apps for Apple platforms.


Apple’s decision to end the university’s iOS developer program could have significant implications for students interested in app development. While accredited educational institutions can still receive fee waivers for the Apple Developer Program, the process can be more complicated and time-consuming than the previous university program. As a result, some students may face barriers to entry into the world of iOS app development, potentially limiting their opportunities to learn and grow in the field. What do you think about Apple’s decision to end the iOS Developer University program? Is this a good move by the American multinational? Let us know your thoughts and ideas in the comments section below

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Apple ends the iOS Developer University program for students