Nokia recently unveiled the Chinese version of the Nokia 220 2024 4G feature phone, which is set to hit the market on April 29, priced at 299 yuan ($41). This new mobile phone is designed to cater to users looking for simplicity, functionality and ease of use, with features that enhance user experience and connectivity.

Improved display and user interface

The Nokia 220 4G comes with a 2.8-inch IPS screen offering improved visibility with font icons that are easier to recognize and operate. The large and clear display provides a comfortable viewing experience, especially for users who prefer a simpler interface.

Convenient charging and connectivity

One of the notable features of the Nokia 220 4G is its USB-C 2.0 interface that enables reversible charging, making it seamless to plug in the charger in any orientation. This advanced connectivity option improves the user experience by simplifying the charging process and ensuring compatibility with a wide range of devices.

Impressive battery life and audio quality

Equipped with a 1450 mAh battery, the Nokia 220 4G offers reliable battery life to keep users connected throughout the day. In addition, the device boasts a “loud volume level 9”, providing clear and crisp audio quality for calls, music and other audio content. This feature improves the overall user experience, especially for those who appreciate good sound quality.

Nokia 220 4G

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Connection and payment options

The Nokia 220 4G supports Bluetooth 5.0, which enables seamless connectivity with other devices and accessories. It also features the Alipay mobile payment feature, adding a convenient payment option for users who prefer digital transactions. This integration of advanced payment technology improves the phone’s flexibility and usability.

User-friendly design and communication capabilities

The Nokia 220 The 4G is designed with a custom large font keyboard offering a clear display and easy operation. The large key area and well-defined edges make typing and navigation easy. It is suitable for users who prioritize simplicity and accessibility. In terms of communication, the device supports various networks including China Mobile, China Unicom, China Telecom, Radio and Television 4G and VoLTE high-definition voice calls. With a built-in Nano SIM card slot, dual SIM support and dual 4G connectivity, users can stay connected seamlessly.

Storage and entertainment features

This device comes with 64MB of RAM and 128MB of storage. Hence, it provides enough space for essential applications and data storage. The device supports quick operations with numeric keys, which increases the user’s convenience. It also comes with built-in FM radio, Himalaya, Migu Music and other apps. Thus, it also offers entertainment options for users on the go.


In conclusion, the Nokia 220 4G feature phone combines simplicity, functionality and advanced features. It hopes to provide a user-friendly and flexible mobile experience. This device emphasizes ease of use, connectivity and essential features. Thus, it caters to people who are looking for a reliable and easy communication device.

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Nokia 220 4G with large font buttons & a USB-C 2.0 interface released for only $41