Apple recently released a new firmware update for its AirTag item tracking tool, marking the first update since October. The latest version, 2A73 (2.0.73), replaces the previous firmware 2A61. Despite the release, Apple did not provide a detailed changelog for version 2A73, leaving users curious about the specific contents of this update. We will update the article whenever Apple releases the contents of this update.

Firmware update and distribution process

Apple usually arranges for AirTag firmware updates to be distributed. The update is initially available to a small percentage of users, gradually increasing to 10% on March 26th, 25% on April 2nd, and finally reaching all users by April 9th. Users cannot manually trigger an AirTag firmware update; instead, it’s automatically delivered over the air via a connected iPhone. To ensure a successful update, users must keep their AirTag within Bluetooth range of their iPhone.

Legal challenges and class action

In parallel with these developments, Apple is part of a legal battle over its AirTag trackers. The company faced a class-action lawsuit alleging that AirTags facilitated the criminal tracking of individuals. Despite Apple’s attempts to dismiss the case, Judge Vince Chhabria in California recently ruled not to dismiss the case. The judge found that the plaintiffs had stated sufficient negligence and product liability claims.

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This legal setback comes at a time when Apple is actively addressing concerns about the privacy and security implications of its products, especially those like AirTags, which users can misuse for tracking purposes. The lawsuit underscores the importance of ensuring that users use tracking technologies responsibly and do not infringe on people’s privacy rights.

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The combination of these events underscores Apple’s ongoing efforts to balance innovation with concerns about user safety and privacy. As technology continues to advance rapidly, companies like Apple face increasing scrutiny over how their products affect user privacy and security. The outcome of this legal battle, and Apple’s response to it, will likely influence future developments in consumer technology and data protection.


In conclusion, Apple’s recent firmware update for AirTag, along with the legal challenges it faces, highlights the complex environment in which technology companies operate today. Balancing innovation with legal compliance and consumer privacy remains a critical challenge for industry leaders like Apple as they navigate changing regulatory environments and consumer expectations.

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Apple pushes an update for the AirTag after losing a case in court