Earlier this week, Apple introduced a new top-of-the-line stylus, the Pencil Pro, but didn’t discontinue any older models. That means there are now four styluses to choose from, channeling the chaotic lineup of Apple Watch and iPad families over the years. Since not every pencil works with every iPad, we explain the best choices.


An apple

Just…don’t buy the first generation.

— Matt Smith

All announced at Apple’s Let Loose iPad event

The best budget Android phone

The US revokes the licenses of Intel and Qualcomm to sell chips to Huawei

Oh no, I think I want an iPad Pro now

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OpenAI is reportedly working on a search feature for ChatGPT that could make the chatbot capable of things you’d normally use Google Search for. According to Bloomberg, it will be able to search the web for answers to your queries and broadcast results along with source searches. ChatGPT can take information from Wikipedia or blog posts, for example, and link to their original pages when you ask it questions.

Earlier this month, DataChaz on X, reported that OpenAI has created a new subdomain with the address search.chatgpt.com. Apparently it was briefly redirected to the main ChatGPT page over the weekend.

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Marvel and Industrial Light & Magic just announced an Apple Vision Pro title based on Marvel’s What if…?, the current Disney+ show that just finished its second season. It will be an hour-long experience with interactive story elements where you choose the direction of the story. Picture this: an alternate cinematic universe where I was an early adopter of Vision Pro.

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Buying a new phone is a little easier if you’ve already decided you only want an iPhone. (And even then, Apple’s lineup offers more options than ever before.) However, if you’re looking for an Android device, there are even more options—and probably more questions. Want a camera that can zoom in on extremely distant objects (Samsung’s Galaxy S series)? Or do you want an intuitive AI to screen incoming calls for you? (Can I get you interested in Google’s Pixel series?) Or maybe it’s time to get into the foldable…

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