If you’re wondering when brands will finally stop trying to cash in on the Barbie craze, the answer is somehow not yet. HMD (or Human Mobile Devices), which has been making Nokia phones for the past few years, announced at MWC that it is partnering with Mattel to launch an official Barbie flip phone this summer. Obviously, it will be pink, with a hint of “glitter”.

Aesthetically, it sounds a lot like the original hot pink Motorola Razr of something. But while that phone was eventually rebooted as a smartphone for the age of modern foldables, Barbie’s phone keeps things pretty basic. It will be a feature phone rather than a smartphone, with HMD touting it as an accessory aimed at “style, nostalgia and a much-needed digital detox.” HMD hasn’t revealed much more about it yet, like pricing or actual photos, but the company says it plans to unveil the Barbie Flip Phone at MWC, so we’ll likely see more of it as the week goes on.

Most people might not be ready to give up their smartphones completely just yet, but if you’re looking for a recording device, this is probably one of the cutest ones you can get.

Barbie is depicted reclining on a picnic table with a plastic dog in front of her and a pink flip phone open to the side


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