As a first step, an investment of 75 million euros is made.

Volvo Group, which focuses on sustainable transport and infrastructure solutions, is now targeting electric trucks. It already produces heavy-duty electric trucks at its assembly plant in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Founded in 1927, this company aims for 35% of vehicles sold worldwide to be electric by 2030. It was announced that in 2025 the plant in Ghent, Belgium will start producing battery modules. This investment decision is notable as the company shapes its future value chain for battery systems. The battery module production line in Ghent will be able to use battery cells from both partners and the planned battery cell plant in Sweden.

Jens Holtinger, Executive Vice President of Group Trucks Operations, said: “We have started the investment process to set up battery module production in Ghent. The building is expected to be 12,000 m2 and located on the Volvo Group production site. The new high-tech module factory will consist of an almost fully automated process with robots. This means that employees with the necessary competencies will be recruited, both externally and by building on our internal competencies. The investment framework for this first step of module production is 75 million euros. “

Production of battery-electric heavy-duty trucks can also be expected by the second half of 2023. The battery packs needed to power these electric trucks will be manufactured at the Ghent plant.

Battery Module Production by Volvo