Flex Logix Technologies, Inc. announced that it has completed porting and delivered EFLX4K eFPGA IP core, both Logic and DSP versions, on TSMC’s 7nm technology to its leading customer for integration into a production ASIC. By providing eFPGA technology at 7nm with the flagship foundry, customers can now develop devices with an integrated FPGA that can be reconfigured after rollout to adapt to new requirements, changing standards and protocols as needed, while reduce energy and end system costs.

Using Flex Logix’s EFLX, chip developers can implement eFPGAs from a few thousand LUTs to hundreds of thousands of LUTs with performance and density per square millimeter similar to leading FPGA companies in the same process generation. The EFLX eFPGA is modular, so arrays can be spread across the entire chip, can be all logic or DSP heavy, and can integrate RAM into an array of many types. The EFLX eFPGA is available today in popular 7, 12, 16, 22, 28 and 40 nm process nodes with more advanced nodes planned for future release.

eFPGA IP core now available on 7 nm tech node