Disney has expanded its partnership with Warner Bros. Discovery to offer a streaming package sometime this summer. Companies have announced that they will soon let people pay together for Disney+, Hulu and Max subscriptions in the US. Disney+’s Hulu recently exited beta, a few months after Disney took full ownership of the former late last year. An ad-free package with both services costs $20, while a maximum ad-free subscription costs $16 per month. An offering with all three will likely be cheaper than $36, and viewers will have the option to get the ad-supported versions if they want to pay even less.

Disney’s ESPN also works with Warner Bros. Discovery, as well as Fox Sports, to launch a sports streaming service, the companies announced back in February. The joint service will stream sports events from all networks owned by the companies, including NFL, MLB, NHL and NBA games.

“This new offering provides consumers with the largest collection of entertainment at the best value on streaming and will help drive subscriber growth and much stronger retention,” said JB Perrette, CEO and president of Warner Bros. Discovery for global streaming and gaming. Indeed, subscribers may be less inclined to ditch a three-pack if they ever decide to ditch the services they’re paying for. Like New York Times notes that Disney has done well with its Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+ bundle, so we can probably expect more offerings like it.

The companies have yet to reveal pricing and an exact release date for their new product, but they said it will be available for purchase on the websites of each of the streaming platforms. Subscribers can also get notifications to get the bundle for an extra payment if they already have one of the services, similar to how Disney+ members are asked if they want to pay $2 more for Hulu content.