Remember the days when MWC was buzzing with the latest Android flagship phone reveals? Yes, we’ve seen a lot of exciting phone launches. But this year’s event also had them special messages from Google. The company unveiled a wave of new features.

And before you ask, no, these new features aren’t just for the Android ecosystem. Google also announced new features for Gemini, its AI-powered assistant. All the new features aim to improve the user experience and make things seamless.

Google is announcing many new features for the Android ecosystem

First, let’s take a look at the features that Google has announced for the Android ecosystem. There were a small number of messages and here is a description of each:

Android Auto

Google’s focus on promoting safer driving was quite evident at WMC. The company understands the potential dangers of distracted driving. Focusing on it, the team unveiled an innovative feature for Android Auto.

It’s called AI-powered message digests. This innovative addition uses artificial intelligence to condense incoming messages. So instead of paragraphs, you get easy-to-digest fragments. Of course, Google knows you might want to access the entire message. Well, it will only require a faucet.

With this you can access the entire message. This will also allow you to respond with relevant pre-compiled options. You can even share your estimated time of arrival or start a voice call. The good part is that you can do all this without taking your eyes off the road.

Improved accessibility features

Google strives to make its technology accessible to everyone. And its efforts are evident in the exciting new features the company has unveiled. These specific features are for the visually impaired.

Users can use AI-generated captions for images, photos and pictures received in messages. They facilitate engagement with visual content regardless of visual ability.

Also, Google Lens in Google Maps is getting a significant boost. With improved screen reader support, it will become easier to travel. It will read out the location name, opening hours, customer reviews and more.

Features for Google’s Wear OS

Google Wear OS 4 on the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6

Wear OS smartwatches are about to get even more versatile. Google introduces the Google Wallet app for Wear OS. This will allow users to access many things without going through any hassles. This includes loyalty cards, membership cards, passes and tickets from their wrist. It also eliminates the need to search for your phone, streamlining everyday tasks.

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Also, Google Maps on Wear OS gets more information. Travelers can now see important details while traveling. This includes bus, ferry or train number information on their wrist. You also get departure times, compass navigation and the ability to reflect directions. All of this improves the navigation experience.

Health Connect

Health and fitness tracking

Exciting news for fitness enthusiasts! Google and Samsung collaborate on Health Connect. It is a powerful tool that takes health data from various apps and devices. This includes AllTrails, MyFitnessPal and Oura Ring. What’s more, the tool bundles it into the Fitbit app.

This means that users can now see a complete picture of their health in one place. The “You” tab in the Fitbit app acts as your central hub, displaying all of your consolidated health data. And the Today section presents a clear overview of your daily activities and health indicators. All are from Health Connect compatible apps. This integration makes it easy to track your well-being. It also helps to gain valuable insight into your health journey.

Spotify Cast support on Android Volume Control

Android users can rejoice! A long awaited feature has arrived. And it will bring a significant boost to your audio control experience. Google has integrated Spotify Connect support into the native media switcher.

This means it’s now easier to manage both volume and playback controls for Spotify. And what’s even better is that you can control them from your phone’s audio control center. This integration will also work when streaming media to a Google Cast compatible device. For example, Google TV.

Before controlling the volume when streaming on Spotify, you had to switch between apps. And it was a cumbersome and time-consuming process. But with the new integration, you get seamless controls.

Google Docs

Google Docs

Google has announced support for handwritten annotations for Docs. Support comes through the tagging feature. Thanks to this, you can use your finger or a stylus to draw annotations on documents. The good part is that it works on both Android phones and tablets.

New integration feature for Google Gemini


As mentioned earlier, the new features aren’t just for the Android ecosystem. He transcends. Google has integrated the recently announced Gemini into Google Messages. With this integration, the AI-powered assistant can now help you compose messages, brainstorm ideas and plan events.

In case you don’t know, Google has also integrated Gemini into other services. This includes Google Docs, Maps and YouTube.

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Google Announces New Features for Android, Wear OS, and Gemini At MWC 2024