Google is finally giving Android smartwatch owners a feature they’ve wanted for years: Google Wallet passes. Among its many announcements at MWC, Google said today that it’s officially bringing boarding passes, event tickets, gym memberships, loyalty cards and other passes that can be stored in your Google Wallet to Wear OS. This is one area where Wear OS lags far behind the long-flawed Apple Watch.

Although some users have sporadically reported seeing the feature appear over the past month or so, Google is only now confirming its arrival. Any passes you’ve added to Google Wallet will show up with a QR code or barcode on your Wear OS watch with the update, and you can choose to hide the ones you don’t need right now. Google is also adding the ability to get turn-by-turn public transit directions on your watch, so you don’t need to pull out your phone to find out where you’re going. You’ll be able to look up departure times from your wrist and get turn-by-turn directions or a map view with directions to your destination.

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