Just bought a new phone? In that case you can wonder what to do with your old android phone. Well, you i can definitely sell it and get some money from it. However, if the smartphone is relatively oldwill be beautiful hard to get decent money out of it.

So what can you do instead? easy! You can flash your old Android phone. Now before you ask, no, you don’t have to go through any trouble to give it a new lease of life. Finding is it hard to believe No ideas in mind? You would want to stay until the end.

Use it to upgrade your ride without breaking the bank

Longing for a modern infotainment system for your car, but do not do you want the high price? Your old Android phone can be your secret weapon!

Most cars, new or old, can be turned into technology havens with the help of a phone holder. Just clip your old phone into the mount, connect it to your car speakers and fire up Android Auto. Here! Instant access to navigation, music streaming, hands-free calling and more – all the benefits of a sophisticated infotainment system without the fancy price tag.

Turn it into a DIY Dashcam

Like a video recorder

sometime Have you wished you had a dash cam to capture an unexpected event on the road? Your old phone can save you the hassle of buying it separately.

Turn your trusty device into a DIY DVR with just a phone stand and a free app like Droid Dashcam. Mount your phone securely, providing a clear view of the road, and hit the road with peace of mind. Now unexpected events will not go undocumented!

Make your old Android phone a classic console emulator

old android phone game emulator

Feeling Are you nostalgic for classic video games? Your old phone can be your gateway to a world of retro fun! While your primary phone may struggle with battery life during extended gaming sessions, your trusty older device is the perfect candidate for an emulation machine.

Imagine playing your favorite childhood titles on your commute to work, on a plane ride, or even while relaxing at home. The Google Play Store offers a variety of emulators, allowing you to relive the glory days of Playstation, Gameboy Advance and even Gamecube/Wii (with your own ROM, of course!).

Here are some top-rated emulators to get you started, categorized by console:

Make it a dedicated music player

Phone Moondrop MIAD 01

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Feeling Overwhelmed by the constant juggling act of music streaming? Home stereo, Bluetooth speakers, headphones – all vying for your phone’s attention. Take control of your old Android device!

Turn your old phone into a dedicated music powerhouse. Connect it to your favorite speaker via Bluetooth or the headphone jack, then load it up with your favorite streaming services. Here! A haven for all your music, complete with easy controls and instant access to vast libraries. No more connection battles – just pure, uninterrupted listening bliss.

Use it as a smart home remote

Old Android phone as a smart home remote

Smart homes are fantastic, offering convenience and control at your fingertips. But what mountain of apps is needed to manage them? It’s not that fantastic.

That’s where your old Android phone swoops in to save the day! Turn it into an all-in-one smart home remote by bringing together all these individual brand apps. This frees up valuable space on your main device and eliminate app clutter. Imagine – a dedicated remote for seamless control of your smart home, with everyone readily available gadgets. Sounds pretty sweet, right?

Turn your old Android phone into a home security camera

Android phone security camera

Thinking to strengthen security but no money? Your old Android phone can be your secret weapon! Forget expensive internet-connected cameras – with a free app like IP web camerayou can create your own a lot your own DIY home security camera.

This solution is ideal both for constant monitoring or casual use, such as keeping an eye on your furry friend while you’re at work. The setting is incredibly simple: download the app and you’re done! You can get access live feed on your camera from anywhere using just a web browser. The app even boasts motion detection and video recording features, all for a flat fee of $5 if you decide to unlock the extras after trying the free version.

Turn your old Android phone into a smart alarm clock

Smart alarm clock

Fighting to find the perfect alarm clock to start your mornings? Look no further than your trusty old phone! It’s time to ditch the simple beep box and embrace a smarter answer.

Here’s the magic trick: all you need is a phone stand (even a cheap one will do) and your Android phone’s built-in clock app. Just set the clock app as screensaver in settings and you have a stylish alarm clock ready.

Want to take it a step further? Add weather widget, clock widget and maybe even calendar widget on the home screen. Then, disable screen timeout and done! A personalized information center right next to your bed, duplicating it clever alarm clock. No more fiddling with your phone – everything you need is there exactly at your fingertips when you wake up.

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How to Repurpose Old Android Phone and Make It Useful Again