Gaming smartphones take things to the next level. But so far Nubia Red Magic, Asus ROG and iQOO are on top. Although Infinix tried to conquer the market with the GT 10 Pro, it was not a flagship. Instead, it was a budget gaming phone. But it looks like an Infinix flagship gaming phone will debut soon.

What really makes the upcoming Infinix gaming phone a flagship? Well, it packs the latest MediaTek Dimensity 9300, which is a direct competitor to the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3. With this, the upcoming device is about to compete with the likes of the iQOO 12, Asus ROG 8 and Red Magic 9 Pro.

Infinix shares the first few details about its upcoming flagship gaming phone

The company didn’t share much about the phone. But what Infinix has shared is good news for mobile gamers. Currently, the first smartphone on the AnTuTu benchmark list is the Oppo Find X7. It’s not a gaming phone, but it does come with the flagship Dimensity 9300. This, combined with a robust cooling system, makes the Oppo Find X7 score the highest in the AnTuTu benchmark.

To be specific, the X7 currently holds 22,009,832 total points. As Infinix shared, the upcoming flagship gaming phone can score 22,156,639 points. This means that the upcoming smartphone will occupy the number 1 spot on the AnTuTu list when it is launched.

Wondering how Infinix managed to squeeze so much performance out of the Dimensity 9300? Through its CoolMax cooling system. It is the first cooling solution in the industry that uses thermal-electric cooling and the Peltier effect. These two help regulate the temperature of the flagship SoC and offer quick heat dissipation from the main components. You can learn more from the attached image below.

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Infinix's CoolMax cooling system

Infinix has managed to set a new standard with the CoolMax cooling system. It can offer up to 10 degrees of temperature reduction, which may not seem like much, but it is. With this, the Dimensity 9300 in the upcoming flagship gaming phone enjoys higher performance. This will not only result in high scores in benchmarks, but also ensure sustained performance over long gaming sessions.

Dual-core flagship gaming performance

To further enhance the gaming experience, the flagship gaming smartphone has a Pixelworks visual processor. With it, the Infinix smartphone can provide up to 180 Hz refresh rate at FHD+ resolution and 144 Hz at WQHD+.

But it’s not just the hardware that matters, and Infinix knows it

As a brand that has previous experience with gaming phones, Infinix knows that hardware is only one part of the story. The software fills in the rest. That’s why the company is doubling down on the AI ​​algorithm to ensure gamers get the best possible experience with the phone.

AI algorithm on Infinix gaming phone

Infinix’s AI algorithm can dynamically adjust core usage by considering different scenarios. It can also delegate tasks to the most powerful core to provide better visual performance. Besides just making the gaming experience better, the AI ​​algorithm also takes into account power consumption.

With low visual demands, the flagship gaming phone’s AI algorithm delegates tasks to smaller cores. This offers better battery life while ensuring that the Dimensity 9300 can offer peak performance without consuming too much power. It also helps keep thermal parameters low, ensuring sustained performance.

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Infinix Flagship Gaming Phone With Dimensity 9300 and the Best AnTuTu Score Teased At MWC