With ZipRecruiter’s personal AI recruiter Phil, you’ll find out which open positions out of nearly nine million jobs are the best fit for your skills.

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New technology can improve job search and hiring processes, but it sometimes makes them more challenging. For example, the FBI warned the public recently that some video interviews used deep fake messages.

So instead of just submitting your resume to huge online job boards and hoping for the best, let ZipRecruiter help ZipRecruiter works with sophisticated AI matching technology; these algorithms scrutinize billions of user interactions to match job candidates with companies looking for their skill set.

There are usually around nine million jobs that you can search on ZipRecruiter. You can post your resume and see if you have any prospects or use ZipRecruiter’s Effective AI Recruiter Philwhich has access to many resources to help you get hired.

After refining your resume, Phil actively searches job postings, finding positions that best match your skill set and invites you to apply. If you decline job offers, Phil learns from it and applies that information to future job opportunities. Phil keeps getting smarter, so yours the chances of landing the ideal job keep increasing.

The matching technology is so advanced that four out of five ZipRecruiter clients report finding a qualified candidate for one of their postings within 24 hours.

Vi Pham was looking for a job as an optometrist when she started using ZipRecruiter. “Applying on ZipRecruiter is really easy because I can get a job that’s really specific to what I’m looking for… I actually found myself negotiating because I had multiple offers.”

As a job seeker, you’ll never receive a ZipRecruiter bill—all of its job search, resume posting, and application tools are available for free. Go to ZipRecruiter.com now to start looking for a job.

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