The Bose QuietComfort Ultra headphones now it’s $250 before Amazon’s spring sale. That’s a 17 percent discount since they normally cost $300. It also happens to be a record low price for the wireless headphones, even though they’ve only been on the market since September last year. You can find more Bose gear sale and here.


The headphones boast some of the best active noise canceling out there, rivaling many on-ear headphones. This is the main reason why the Bose QuietComfort Ultra line made our list of the best wireless headphones.

There’s more to like here, though. We called out the spatial audio capabilities in our official review, which requires no custom-made content thanks to virtualization software that works to put the listener right in the middle of the acoustic sweet spot. Battery life is on point, sound quality is great, and touch controls allow users to easily change volume, skip songs, and answer calls. These are very good headphones.

However, they are not perfect headphones. As mentioned, battery life is great, clocking in at 16 to 24 hours before needing juice, factoring in a few trips to the charging case. However, using the spatial audio feature drastically reduces battery life, so be careful when activating different modes. There is no wireless charging out of the box as this feature requires silicone coating for $50 for the charging case. Still, today’s discount saves $50 if wireless charging is an absolute must.

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