A large number of browsers already have AI assistants. But if you give your privacy the highest priority, Brave Leo on Brave Browser is an easy choice. The browser introduced the AI ​​assistant in November 2023. But until now, it was only available in the desktop version of the browser.

Brave now brings Leo to Android, which will allow you to enjoy all its benefits on your mobile device. With this, the Brave browser on Android became a real competitor to the mobile version of Microsoft Edge.

More about Brave Leo AI Assistant

As an AI assistant, Brave Leo can perform many different tasks. This includes answering your questions, translating web pages and summarizing text and videos. You can also have it write code, create transcription of video and audio content, and generate text content. Brave created all these features to save you time and allow you to stay more productive.

If you’re wondering which LLM model Leo uses, it’s the Mixtral 8x7B. But Brave offers you the option to choose Claude Instantly or model LLaMA 2 13B. The good thing about Mixtral 8x7B is that it works with multiple languages. This includes English, French, German and Spanish.

Another good part about Brave Leo is that it focuses on your privacy. To ensure this, the first measure it applies is a no-entry level. This means you don’t need to enter your credentials to use the free tier of the AI ​​assistant. This eliminates the risk of unwanted leakage of your sensitive information.

Brave AI Assistant chat

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Next, Brave Leo does not rely on user chats to train or optimize models. This means that every conversation you have with the AI ​​assistant is private. Brave takes this to the next level by proxying the user’s requests. The browser does this through an anonymization server. This anonymization also separates user IDs, meaning no one can trace you back.

Also, Brave Leo deletes responses after generating them. If you use the Anthropic Claude model, your responses will be deleted after 30 days. Finally, the AI ​​assistant does not collect any user identifiers. This means that the browser does not store your IP address, location or any personal information.

Why does privacy matter and why should you rely on privacy-focused browsers like Brave?

While the convenience of AI assistants is undeniable, prioritizing privacy while browsing is critical for several reasons:


When you surf the web, you may come across malicious websites or phishing attempts. In such cases, strong privacy practices can help protect your sensitive information from theft. This includes login credentials or financial details. Without this protection, intercepted data could be used for identity theft or other fraudulent activities.

Characteristics of a Brave Leo

Targeted attacks

Online activities and browsing history can reveal your interests and vulnerabilities. This data can be used by malicious actors to launch targeted attacks. This includes phishing scams, malware ads, or even social engineering attempts tailored to your specific interests. By minimizing the amount of data collected about your browsing habits, you reduce the risk of falling victim to such targeted attacks. Both Brave Leo and the browser can help in this regard.

Control over your data

You have the right to decide who has access to your information and how your information is used. By prioritizing privacy-focused browsers and tools like Brave Leo, you maintain control over your data and ensure that it is not used for purposes for which you have not given your express consent.

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Privacy-Focused Brave Leo AI Assistant Comes to Android