Xiaomi’s Redmi brand is expanding its product portfolio with the introduction of a new series called ‘Turbo’. Announced from Redmi president Thomas Wang, this range aims to change the mid-range phone segment by prioritizing raw performance at competitive price points.

The Turbo series is positioned between the existing Redmi K and Redmi Note lines. While the K series continues its role as ‘flagship killers’ by offering top-tier specs, the Turbo series will cater to users looking for extreme performance without necessarily requiring all the bells and whistles of a full-fledged flagship. The Redmi Note series, on the other hand, is likely to keep its focus on balanced features. Potentially including more powerful camera capabilities.

Redmi unveils a new “Turbo” series focused on high-performance mid-range phones

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The first member of the Turbo family is the aptly named Redmi Turbo 3. This phone appears to be the successor to the previously rumored Redmi Note 13 Turbo, suggesting a change in nomenclature. Details remain scarce, but the Turbo 3 is expected to prioritize processing power at a more affordable price point. Potentially sacrificing some high-end features in the process. This strategy is in line with the performance-focused philosophy of the Turbo series.

The announcement of the Turbo series has sparked discussions about potential confusion in Xiaomi’s product portfolio. The wide range of the brand, especially the large number of variations in the Redmi Note series (18 for the 11 series and 13 for the 12 series), has been criticized by some users. While the long-term impact on complexity remains to be seen, the Turbo series at least streamlines the naming convention. By seemingly replacing the expected Redmi Note 13 Turbo with the Turbo 3.

Whether the Turbo 3 will be launched globally under the Poco brand like some previous Redmi phones launched internationally as Poco models remains unclear. Wang’s announcement was aimed at the Chinese market, where the Poco brand is not present.

The arrival of the Turbo series signifies Redmi’s commitment to meet a wider range of consumer needs in the mid-range segment. With a focus on performance at potentially more attractive price points, the Turbo range has the potential to shake up the competitive mid-range market.

Redmi Introduces Turbo 3: the new generation of midrange series