Samsung is rumored to be about to revolutionize its Galaxy Watch series by incorporating cutting-edge microLED display technology, a move that could potentially change the smartwatch market. Although Samsung mainly uses microLED technology in large-sized TVs due to its high cost, recent reports suggest a shift towards implementing this advanced display in their upcoming Galaxy Watch models scheduled for release in 2025. There is little news regarding Samsung’s plans to introduce microLED technology for future Galaxy Watch models. However, tech blogger @Revegnus has revealed that Samsung also wants to reduce the size of this display and use it in watches, just like Apple.

Samsung’s bold move to MicroLED technology

The tech industry is abuzz with speculation about Samsung’s plans to unveil microLED displays in its future Galaxy Watch range, reflecting Apple’s original intentions, which faced setbacks that led to the discontinuation of microLED watch development. Industry sources have hinted at Samsung’s ambition to miniaturize microLED displays for smartwatches, in keeping with Apple’s original vision for the next-generation Apple Watch Ultra.

Challenges and considerations for Samsung

Despite the potential advantages of microLED technology, the main obstacle for Samsung is cost reduction. Reports indicate that each microLED display could cost up to $150. This is significantly higher than the OLED panels used in the current Apple Watch Ultra models. This poses a dilemma for commercialization, as a steep price increase can deter consumers and negatively impact sales.

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While Apple’s struggles with microLED watches serve as a cautionary tale, Samsung faces economic pressure to ensure the viability of microLED watch development. The disparity in sales figures between Galaxy watches and Apple smartwatches raises concerns about profitability and market acceptance. However, the past failures of tech giants like Apple don’t necessarily determine Samsung’s fate. Regardless, this will make Samsung cautious about component costs before moving forward with microLED integration.

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The way forward for Samsung

Samsung’s potential venture into microLED technology represents a bold step towards innovation in the smartwatch sector. While challenges arise in terms of manufacturing costs and consumer pricing, Samsung’s track record of technological prowess positions it favorably to successfully overcome these hurdles. The outcome of Samsung’s foray into microLED displays for smartwatches remains uncertain. However, it underscores the company’s commitment to pushing the boundaries and staying at the forefront of the evolution of wearable technology.


In conclusion, Samsung’s rumored launch of microLED-equipped Galaxy Watches signals a significant shift in the smartwatch landscape. No doubt if this happens it will give better display quality and performance. Samsung will have to deal with the complexities of integrating this advanced technology into its wearables. The industry is eagerly anticipating how this move will shape the future of smartwatches. This could potentially redefine the wearable user experience.

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Samsung to launch a microLED Galaxy Watch next year