Samsung has launched its 2024 mid-range phone lineup, which combines lower specs and feature sets with more enticing prices than flagship phones. The Galaxy A55 and A35 have 6.6-inch Super AMOLED displays. For the first time in its budget phones, the company has included Knox Vault, a secure security section that debuted in the Galaxy S21.

Both Android 14 phones have FHD+ (2220×1080) displays (374 pixels per inch) and variable refresh rates up to 120Hz. Like last year’s Galaxy A54, both feature Samsung’s Vision Booster feature, which adjusts the screen’s tone mapping based on ambient lighting conditions. Their 6.6-inch diagonal measurements (not counting rounded corners) are slightly taller than the A54’s 6.4 inches.

Samsung’s official materials don’t list the phones’ processors, but Android Police reports The A55 uses an Exynos 1480, while the A35 makes do with a slower Exynos 1380. RAM comes in different configurations: 8GB or 12GB in the A55 and 6GB or 8GB in the cheaper A35. Your storage options are 128GB or 256GB in each handset, but only the A55 has a microSD card slot.

Samsung Galaxy A35 on plain white background.  The phone has a pink wallpaper and back.

Galaxy A35 (Samsung)

In addition to performance, the cameras will be one of the main differences between the two phones. The pair has three rear cameras, each with a 50MP primary camera and a 5MP macro lens. But the pricier A55 uses a 12MP ultrawide sensor, while the A35 has a more pedestrian 8MP ultrawide lens. In addition, the A55 has a 32MP front-facing camera, compared to the A35’s 13MP front-facing camera. Both use optical image stabilization (OIS) and video digital image stabilization (VDIS) to compensate for camera shake.

Unsurprisingly, neither phone appears to include the generative AI features that Samsung uses to differentiate the Galaxy S24 series (and older flagships, via software updates). The closest you can get in this price range is the company’s “advanced AI Image Signal Processing (ISP)” for better low-light photography, included only in the A55.

Samsung didn’t list the phone’s build materials in its press release and official specs, but Android Police says the A55 is the company’s first mid-range phone with a metal frame. (Last year’s Galaxy A54 used plastic.) Engadget has reached out to Samsung to clarify, and we’ll update this article if we hear back.

Each of the phones has a 5000 mAh battery. Samsung estimates two days of battery life, but this can vary greatly depending on usage.

US pricing and release dates are not yet available. However, Samsung says The A55 will start at £439 (US$562) in the UK, while the A35 will start at £339 ($434). Samsung has listed the UK launch date for both phones as March 20.