Supply and demand issues in the healthcare industry can be addressed through recruitment efforts in other countries. They are quite thorough while vetting potential candidates and verifying their credentials and licenses. That way, when new hires arrive at your healthcare facility, they’ll be prepared to start work right away.

The following is a list of positions that are often filled by international healthcare recruitment agencies:

  • Registered Nurse (RN)
  • Occupational Therapists (OT)
  • Physical Therapy Therapists (PT)
  • Laboratory technologies
  • Medical technologies

Employers in American International Healthcare Recruitment Agencies are there to ensure that health workers from abroad are not exploited. The scope of their services includes the following:

  • Find and evaluate potential patients in the healthcare industry.
  • Help facilitate the recruitment process.
  • Handle all legal aspects of immigration.
  • Manage the process of credentialing applicants and obtaining licenses.
  • Arrange the potential candidate’s relocation.
  • To help their clients stay within their recruiting budgets, they often provide these services for a set cost per candidate.

What should be done about green cards and residency?

When they arrive in the United States, international nurses hold an EB3 green card. This is a permanent residence visa that has no time limit and does not need annual renewal. This allows you to immediately hire new staff members with complete peace of mind knowing they will never face residency concerns.

If this is your first time considering overseas health care recruitment, you may be concerned about the potential changes being discussed in Washington, D.C., regarding the immigration system. In contrast, any new immigration regulations for nurses would be very welcome.

Ultimately, the changes now being proposed are intended to use visas more strategically to attract a greater number of highly skilled and well-paid professionals who will reside permanently in the United States.

Recruitment of health professionals

Healthcare organizations looking to expand their current programs or staff with more permanent nurses may consider recruiting international healthcare workers. An international healthcare recruitment firm can help you fill chronic vacancies, prevent retirements and increase the supply of qualified individuals who have experience in all clinical areas and specialties.

National Board Licensing Examination ( (NCLEX) is the most important element that foreign registered nurses (RNs) must take in order to be permitted to work and reside in the United States. If you simply pass the NCLEX test without meeting any of the other important qualifications, however, you will certainly experience a lot of deterioration as the top companies in the United States will continually pass up your application.

If there is a nursing shortage and you have already passed the NCLEX, why would they continue to do this to you?

There is currently no shortage of newly graduated registered nurses or RNs with little or no work experience in the United States. In fact, the United States of America produces more than 200,000 new registered nurses annually.

These newly graduated nurses are easily recruited and attracted by employers, provided that the latter have the capacity to hire new employees. Health care employers in the United States face a critical shortage of registered nurses who have at least two years and up to ten years of direct bedside nursing experience.

For what reason would a company want to hire a foreign born RN from a staffing firm or vacation nursing service?

Due to the level of need and desperation, these groups can often provide a quicker response than a recruitment specialist, which is why they are approached. Ultimately, companies in the healthcare sector in the United States are looking for a solution because it is the tried and true method that allows for the highest possible quality of care provided by permanent workers. As expensive labor contracts and business trips are reduced and eventually eliminated, this method is also economically sound as it saves money.

When it comes to hiring registered nurses from other countries, the most important factors that US healthcare businesses should consider are:

Has the NCLEX been successfully completed by the nurse candidate?

In such cases where it is not, their evaluation can be completed right now. There are extremely few cases where this is not the case.

What work experience does a nurse candidate have?

  • Experience gained here and now is significantly more valuable than experience gained in the past.
  • Recent experience working directly with patients at the bedside is preferred rather than working in ambulatory, clinical or educational settings now.
  • Experience at a larger institution will be considered more favorably than at a smaller one, but any recent practical experience will be appreciated.
  • Current work experience in outpatient clinic or even in a classroom environment is desirable over current experience in business process outsourcing (BPO), utilization management, or similar “desktop” jobs.

Language skills

It is very necessary to have a good command of the English language (written and spoken).

Be wary of offers that don’t highlight these criteria.