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Innovative technology brand TECNO today showcased its latest revolutionary and futuristic devices in its momentous second appearance at MWC Barcelona 2024. Among the showcases at the show, the pioneering brand will unveil Dynamic 1, its debut AI-enhanced robotic dog, and Pocket Go , the industry’s first combined AR glasses and handheld for Windows gaming. TECNO will also showcase its new PolarAce imaging system that uses AI to create a new peak in mobile video imaging on the second day of the event. Attendees are welcome to discover TECNO’s innovative and futuristic products at the brand’s stand located at 6B11, Hall 6, Fira Gran Via.

TECNO made a stunning debut at MWC 2023 in Barcelona where it launched the widely acclaimed PHANTOM V Fold, its first foldable smartphone. This year, TECNO returns to the event with a mission to transport attendees into the world of future technology with the theme ‘Reach to the Future’. The new POVA 6 Pro 5G will be another exciting addition to the TECNO booth alongside the brand’s range of cutting-edge imaging technologies, innovative concept materials and devices, and its ever-growing diverse AIoT smart ecosystem.

“We at TECNO believe in the power of innovation to make the impossible possible,” said Jack Guo, General Manager of TECNO. “This year at MWC Barcelona, ​​we are bringing the technologies of tomorrow to consumers, which is a big improvement from our debut appearance. With revolutionary new phones, AI and AR-based products, innovative concepts and more, we demonstrate our unwavering commitment to extensive research and pioneering product development. We look forward to welcoming MWC attendees to visit us to experience for themselves how TECNO never stops chasing dreams and striving for the future.”

TECNO Dynamic 1 – An innovative robotic dog to improve everyday life

TECNO Dynamic 1 is the brand’s debut robotic dog that ushers in a new era of human-machine interaction, uniting cutting-edge AI with a realistic design inspired by the German Shepherd. The advanced device gives a glimpse into the future of everyday life, with diverse usage scenarios and functionalities to enhance smart home entertainment, assistance, education and training.

Dynamic 1’s canine abilities are enhanced by a powerful torque of 45N.m/kg and an advanced cooling system in the knee joints, allowing it to climb stairs and perform friendly gestures from bowing to handshakes. With four microphones and AI-driven voice recognition algorithms, Dynamic 1 responds to voice commands, making interaction intuitive and seamless. You can also control it via phone apps and remote controllers for more flexibility.

The robot also comes with AI HyperSense Fusion System for stable movement. It features an Intel® RealSense™ D430 depth camera, dual optical and infrared sensors for precision navigation, and an 8-core high-performance ARM CPU for dynamic stability, fast drop recovery, and a top speed of 3.7 m/s.

Dynamic 1’s robust performance is enhanced with 64GB of built-in storage and the latest WI-FI 6 and Bluetooth 5.2 technology, while an innovative front light system not only illuminates the robot’s path, but also serves as an interaction indicator. The fur-free friend is equipped with a powerful 15000 mAh battery for up to 90 minutes of use, while its modular design allows convenient battery replacement and simultaneous charging for extended use.

TECNO Pocket Go – an industry first AR game Kit for an immersive experience

TECNO Pocket Go is an innovative Windows AR gaming kit that combines AR glasses and an AR Windows handheld device for the first time. Incorporating the world’s most compact Windows notebook and the advanced AR Pocket Vision headset, the combination resolves the limitations of bulky Windows notebooks and enhances the user experience often lacking in AR glasses for an unparalleled immersive 6D gaming experience.

Bringing high quality cinematic games to life, Pocket Go’s AR Pocket Vision headset comes with a 0.71-inch Micro-OLED screen that emulates the experience of a 215-inch TV from six meters away. The headset also features a six-axis gyroscope, N’BASS® nanostructured acoustic materials, and advanced AI head-tracking and vibration algorithms to enhance immersive gaming. Pocket Vision also features adjustable diopter settings up to 600° for users with different visual requirements and to provide greater eye comfort while gaming.

Meanwhile, the innovative Pocket Windows Handheld redefines portable gaming with a 50% smaller and 30% lighter design than standard Windows handhelds, with the convenience of a smartphone. Designed for high FPS professional AAA gaming on the go, the device is the first handheld Windows gaming device to come with a processor of this caliber. As the latest gaming processor, it offers 35W of performance with eight cores, 16 threads and turbo frequencies of up to 5.1GHz, while a 50Wh removable battery allows for uninterrupted gaming.

Pocket Go is also complemented by the TECNO Smart Box, serving as a central hub for managing games and settings, simplifying the gaming experience for users. The set also effortlessly transitions into a mobile workstation, connecting with other TECNO devices as part of the TECNO ecosystem to redefine the way we play, work and enjoy life on the go.

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Innovative concepts that inspire the imagination

From eco-friendly materials to revolutionary technologies and futuristic device shapes, TECNO’s imaginative and innovative concepts shed light on the brand’s ambitious approach as it looks to the future. TECNO will showcase a wide range of its latest concepts at MWC Barcelona 2024, including:

  • PHANTOM Ultimate – An innovative smartphone with a removable screen with an unparalleled dual-sided display, an industry-leading 1.3 second screen expansion efficiency and an ultra-slim design with a thickness of 9.93 mm. Originally presented in August 2023sets a new direction for the future large-screen smartphone experience.
  • Advanced Materials: TECNO’s 3D Stereo Optical Grating material achieves 3D visual experience without glasses, depth of field effect, suspension effect and more. Laminated fiberglass is a lightweight material that offers superior performance in terms of strength, flex resistance and ductility, while colored textured glass creates a pure, gem-like glass material.
  • Unique fabrics: With a pleasant fragrance that can last for more than a year, Fragrance Leather is an extremely durable vegan leather that has fragrance microcapsules added to the PU resin during production. Organosilicone Fabric Leather uses advanced silicone high-performance roof materials to significantly reduce carbon emissions, and the renewable fiber tailgate is produced from raw material from recycled plastic bottles.
  • Useful technologies: Creating a higher screen-to-body ratio and more immersive viewing, the borderless folding main screen changes the UTG structure to create a frameless folding screen, while satellite communication technology allows users to connect with the outside world even in places where they have poor or no signal.

TECNO’s diverse range of smartphones and an ever-growing smart ecosystem

TECNO’s exclusive phones and wide-ranging AIoT smart ecosystem are on display at MWC Barcelona 2024, including the new POVA 6 Pro 5G. Among the many products on display are:

  • POVA 6 Pro 5G – The new device brings super durability and upgraded fun for an unparalleled POVA experience. Maintaining the design language and ethos of the POVA series, the new device offers stylish looks and optimized hyper-sensory gameplay for young entertainment enthusiasts.
  • An exceptional range of smartphones – TECNO will showcase its diverse range of smartphones, including the flagship premium PHANTOM series, the CAMON series with its professional-level imaging capabilities, and the stylish SPARK series.
  • AIoT Smart EcosystemThe brand’s exclusive AIoT products, including smart home products, smart business and smart accessories, will be on display, showing how TECNO’s wide-ranging ecosystem covers consumer needs for personal and commercial use.



TECNO’s second appearance at MWC Barcelona certainly shows the brand’s unstoppable momentum on the world stage. With its brand essence of Stopping at Nothing, its innovative spirit opens up endless possibilities and brings the future closer for consumers around the world.


TECNO is an innovative technology brand with operations in over 70 countries and regions on five continents. Since its launch, TECNO has revolutionized the digital experience in emerging global markets, relentlessly pushing for the perfect integration of contemporary, aesthetic design with the latest technology. Today, TECNO has become a recognized leader in its target markets, providing state-of-the-art innovations through a wide range of phones, smart wearables, laptops and tablets, HiOS operating systems and smart home products. With its brand essence of ‘Stop At Nothing’, TECNO is committed to unlocking the best and latest technology for forward-looking people. By creating stylish, smart products, TECNO inspires consumers around the world to never stop pursuing their best selves and their best futures. For more information you can visit TECNO official website.

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TECNO Reaches for the Future with AI and AR Products and Innovative New Technologies at MWC 2024