and its users are looking for ways to make more money from the platform. One method users have tried is using third-party payment bots on their channels. However, Telegram CEO Pavel Durov says the company had to stop paid posts on iOS due to a complaint from .

Durov said it’s “awesome” that creators get paid almost the full amount of what their fans or subscribers pay for one of their posts. “Unfortunately, we have received word from Apple that they are not happy with content creators monetizing their efforts without paying the 30 percent tax to Apple,” . “Since Apple has full control over its ecosystem, we had no alternative but to disable such paid posts on iOS devices.”

The “30 percent tax” refers to the cut Apple takes from in-app payments and in-app purchases. The company’s App Store fees have come under fire from many quarters, including, perhaps most famously, .

Durov hit out at Apple, claiming it is a monopoly that “abuses its market dominance at the expense of millions of users trying to monetize their own content.” He expressed hope that regulators in various jurisdictions will take action “before Apple destroys more dreams and crushes more entrepreneurs.”

Telegram’s CEO added that his team is working on ways to provide creators with easy-to-use options to monetize their content. It aims to help them do this “outside of Apple’s restrictive ecosystem.”

Telegram introduced paid features in June with . This opens up larger file sizes to upload, faster downloads, the ability to follow many more channels and the option to pin chats. While the company itself has yet to accept paid posts, it’s intriguing to see creators trying to find their own ways to monetize Telegram — even if Apple isn’t too happy about it.

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