Telegram, a popular cloud-based messaging platform, has introduced a suite of business-oriented features designed to streamline communication and improve customer engagement. This update addresses the growing needs of businesses using Telegram’s secure and feature-rich platform.

Telegram improves communication for businesses with new account features

Enhanced profiles for professional communication

  • Opening hours and location: Businesses can now display their business hours and physical location on a map directly on their profiles. This easily informs customers about availability and facilitates easy navigation to physical stores if applicable. Telegram’s user interface clearly highlights this information, ensuring that customers are well informed.
  • Custom Home Page: Shared profiles are gone. Businesses can customize their Telegram presence with a custom home page. This allows them to showcase their brand through a compelling slogan highlighting their products or services. In addition, strategically placed stickers can further enhance the visual appeal and brand identity.

Automated interactions for improved efficiency

  • Greetings and outgoing messages: Telegram introduces automated welcome messages, a valuable tool for welcoming new customers. Businesses can create personalized messages that showcase their brand and offerings. The feature even allows setting the duration after which a new greeting message is sent, ensuring a consistent and professional experience for customers. Similarly, customized out-of-office messages can be set up to inform users when a business is closed or unavailable.
  • Quick answers: Answering recurring customer inquiries is now easier with quick responses. Businesses can create predefined messages covering various customer requests, such as menus, payment information or frequently asked questions (FAQs). These messages can be enriched with text formatting, hyperlinks, stickers, media and files, offering a flexible and informative response to customer queries. This feature significantly improves response time and reduces workload for business representatives.

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Enhanced organization and streamlined work processes

  • Color labels: Effective customer segmentation is critical to business. Telegram’s color tags enable businesses to categorize chats with unique tags based on predefined parameters. This may include priority levels, customer status or specific needs. So this visual organization system promotes effective management of customer interactions and ensures that inquiries receive the appropriate attention.
  • Chat Links: Imagine creating a virtual call-to-action button directly in Telegram. The Chat Links feature allows businesses to create links that, when clicked by a customer, automatically initiate a new chat window with a pre-populated message in the input bar. This opens up many possibilities, such as creating links for restaurant table reservations or order tracking for e-commerce businesses.

Integration with AI and existing tools

  • Chatbots for Business: Businesses can take advantage of Telegram’s powerful bot integration to seamlessly integrate their existing customer service tools and workflows. This enables the creation of AI-powered chatbots that can manage basic interactions and answer routine customer queries. Chatbots not only improve the customer experience by providing 24/7 support, but also free up human representatives to deal with more complex issues. Additionally, the Telegram Bot Guide provides comprehensive guidance for businesses looking to develop or integrate chatbots.

Accessibility and future development

While these new business Characteristic currently require a Telegram Premium subscription, the company has expressed a commitment to continuous development and improvement of the platform’s business functionalities. This means Telegram’s dedication to becoming the preferred communication channel for businesses of all sizes.

In conclusion, the introduction of business-oriented features by Telegram demonstrates a strategic shift towards serving the needs of professional communication. So, by offering a combination of enhanced profiles, automated interactions, advanced organization tools and powerful bot integration, Telegram enables businesses to streamline their communication workflows, improve customer engagement and establish a strong presence within the platform. With continued development efforts, Telegram is poised to become the leading platform for businesses looking to deploy secure, feature-rich communication solutions.

Telegram Unveils Business Features for Premium Users