Computer games can get very expensive very quickly. A good gaming desktop can cost a lot more than you expected, and a gaming laptop can really bite your wallet. But the good thing is that peripherals like gaming headsets, keyboards, mice and more don’t have to break the bank. The best gaming accessories don’t always cost a fortune, and we can thank the growing industry in part for that. If you’re in the market for a few new PC gaming accessories to add to your setup, but don’t want to spend too much money to expand your kit, the options below are some of our favorites.

Gaming headset

Turtle Beach

The Recon Spark has been one of my favorite headphones for years; in fact, it was my daily driver to the Engadget office. There are some good reasons for this: it offers solid sound in both the cups and the microphone, and it’s comfortable, sturdy, and cute. It may not be wireless, but you can just plug it into almost any desktop or laptop and not worry about driver compatibility or software installation or anything like that. It’s also a great option for kids.

$50 at Amazon

Logitech G

While the Recon Spark may be my preferred headset for work, the one I use at home is the wireless Logitech G733. It sounds great, has phenomenal battery life and just the right amount of bling, with bright colored LED strips on the front and a customizable fabric headband. I use it for gaming Dungeons and Dragons with my friends on Discord as well as recording the occasional podcast. It’s been around for a few years, but that just means you can get these headphones for under $100 at some retailers. If it’s still too rich for your blood, check out the likes G435.

$132 at Amazon


If you’re looking for clear sound, SteelSeries has always offered excellent clarity and volume, and the Arctis line does it at a reasonable price. The Nova 1 is a wired gaming headset where everything feels premium, thanks to its sturdy build (I’ve dropped it twice already), smooth, matte finish, and soft, comfortable ear cups. They can block out softer sounds, but not things like the TV or a crying baby, making these headphones ideal for new parents. The adjustable microphone is built in, so you don’t have to worry about losing it.

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Ever since video conferencing from home exploded during the pandemic, I’ve been extolling the benefits of using a headset for all your business meetings. They block out unwanted noise, make your voice loud and clear, and are a good sign to others that you’re on a conversation. The only problem is that the gaming headset doesn’t look that professional – but Zone Vibe is a breath of fresh air. It offers all of Logitech’s expertise in delivering solid gaming audio in a stylish wireless package that you won’t be embarrassed to wear in front of the boss.

$100 at Amazon

Gaming keyboards


When it comes to buying a keyboard, my first recommendation will always be “buy a Corsair”. Corsair keyboards offer an excellent typing experience and are super durable. Unfortunately, they are not the best budget option because they are quite expensive, with the cheapest ones usually costing $120. Fortunately, Corsair introduced the K60 RGB Pro a few years ago, and I would recommend it Low profile version for those who are used to typing on a laptop keyboard. No, it’s not the same as a membrane keyboard โ€“ it’s light years better, with mechanical keys and a durable build that will last you years (and hundreds, if not thousands, of gaming matches).

$100 at Amazon


One of the hot new things in gaming seems to be 60 percent keyboards, which cut out the number pad to make more room on your desk for a mouse or other accessories. Being smaller also means they tend to be cheaper too, so gamers on a budget should look at decks like Origin of alloy 60. Besides being small and affordable, it’s rock solid. The placement of the arrow keys in the lower right corner should also be less confusing for those switching from a full size deck.

$80 at Amazon

Photo by Chris Naudus / Engadget

Mechanical keyboards are great, but even the quietest of them can be too loud for some environments. The Apex TKL is great at being unobtrusive: it’s 60 percent deck, so it’s compact, and its keys offer great typing response while being whisper-quiet. The Apex TKL is slightly larger than many other keyboards that eschew the number pad, but that’s for good reason โ€“ you’ll appreciate the dedicated arrow keys and volume scroller, the latter of which is a must for anyone who consumes a lot of media on their device.

$91 at Amazon

Gaming mice

Logitech G

Budget doesn’t mean you have to skimp on quality or looks, etc G305 is both a high performance and stylish mouse. What’s also nice is how it keeps things simple, with six programmable buttons and a sleek profile. Battery life is rated at 250 hours, though I swear based on my personal use it’s much longer, and it only needs one AAA battery, so you can swap it out in seconds and get back to gaming. If you have headphones like the G435, you can get the G305 in lilac to match, or just stick with a basic black model. If you want to save even more money and don’t mind having a wired mouse, take a look as well G203 Speed โ€‹โ€‹of lightwhich we recommended in our best guide to buying gaming mice.

$35 at Amazon

Photo by Chris Naudus / Engadget

Every gamer knows the pain of spilling something on their desk once or twice, whether it’s water, coffee, or soda. The Aerox 3 it might look like it’s headed for disaster thanks to all the holes in it. But it’s actually rated IP54, which means it can take a good splash and just keep working (albeit a bit sticky if you don’t wipe it down). The holes don’t just look cool – they make the mouse much easier to handle (if that’s your thing) and keep heat from building up in your palm.

$60 at Amazon

Photo by Chris Naudus / Engadget

If you’re looking for something a little more traditional, but still affordable and wireless, Opponent 3 it might just be right up your alley. It’s a basic black mouse with a sleek outline and five programmable buttons. It comes with a wireless receiver to ensure a stable connection, but it also works via Bluetooth, so you can easily switch it to a laptop or mobile device. This makes it great for both office and gaming, the ultimate money saver.

$47 at Amazon