Meta, the company behind the popular Meta Quest 2 VR headset, recently implemented significant price adjustments, making the 128GB version of the headset permanently available for $200 and the 256GB version for $270. These price cuts mark a strategic move by Meta VR technology more accessible to a wider audience, emphasizing the accessibility and inclusivity of the virtual reality market.

Meta’s strategic price adjustments

Meta Quest 2’s price cuts suggest a deliberate effort by Meta to democratize VR technology. By lowering the cost of entry for their flagship headset, Meta aims to attract more users and expand the scope of virtual reality experiences. This move not only makes the Meta Quest 2 more appealing to users, but also marks the beginning of the potential introduction of new models to the Quest lineup.

Meta Quest 2 VR

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Consequences of Meta’s actions

Industry analysts, roadtovr, speculate that Meta’s price adjustments may herald the upcoming launch of an entry-level model in the Quest 3 series. Reports from IT Home hint at the arrival of the Meta Quest 3 Lite, also called ‘Quest 3S’. This is rumored to be the entry-level variant of the Quest 3. This new handset is expected to feature an eye-popping 1832 x 1920 resolution, similar to the Quest 2. It will also come with an optional 128GB or 256GB storage capacity. The introduction of this basic model is in line with Meta’s strategy to serve a wider range of users. Meta also hopes to offer different levels of VR experiences to suit different preferences and budgets.

Meta Quest 2 VR
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In conclusion, Meta’s decision to drop the price of Meta Quest 2 to $200 marks a pivotal moment in the VR industry, signaling a shift towards more affordable and accessible virtual reality technology. As the company prepares to introduce a potentially new entry-level headset in the Quest 3 series, the landscape of VR experiences will be evolving. It will also provide users with a diverse range of options to explore immersive virtual worlds.

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Meta Quest 2 VR now starts at $200, hinting at new entry-level headsets