Samsung has long been known for its resistance to Android adoption seamless update function, but recent reports indicate a significant shift in this position. The Galaxy A55 emerges as a pioneer in Samsung’s lineup to accept seamless updates, marking a significant departure from the brand’s traditional update process.

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Embracing a new era of updates

After years of holding back, Samsung has finally integrated seamless updates into its devices, starting with the Galaxy A55. This feature, originally introduced by Google in 2016, streamlines the update process by allowing downloads, checks and installations to take place discreetly in the background. Users no longer have to endure cumbersome update procedures and lengthy loading screens. Instead, the updates will install silently, requiring only a reboot of the phone to activate the new system version.

The recent Galaxy A55 update that includes a new security patch marks a pivotal moment for Samsung users. This firmware update not only improves the security of the device, but also sets the stage for future updates to follow suit with this more user-friendly method.

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A look into the future

The introduction of seamless updates on the Galaxy A55 brings a new approach to the way Samsung devices handle software upgrades. Users can easily identify when their phone is undergoing a seamless update through a new progress bar displayed in the status bar. This progress bar has two distinct stages: “Download and Install…” and “Check”, giving users a clear view of the update process.

Although the reboot time after the initial seamless update may be a bit longer, the absence of the typical update processing loading screen and rotating gear icon offers a smoother and more hassle-free user experience. This shift to seamless updates not only simplifies the update process, but also increases overall user satisfaction by eliminating unnecessary interruptions during update installation.


In conclusion, the Galaxy A55’s adoption of seamless updates represents an important milestone for Samsung, signaling a departure from the traditional update approach towards a more streamlined and user-friendly system. As Samsung continues to roll out this feature to more models in the future, users can expect a more efficient and hassle-free update experience across the brand’s smartphone lineup.

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Samsung Galaxy A55 becomes first Samsung phone to support seamless updates