Everyone wants the biggest and most powerful smartphone right now, and the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra fits that description. Samsung’s new top-tier phone is out and it’s among the best smartphones available today. The Galaxy S24 Ultra is not just a smartphone; it is very powerful and comes with some of the most advanced AI features ever seen on a phone. It also boasts an excellent camera and long battery life. Simply put, it’s fantastic.

But guess what? You don’t actually have to buy it. As impressive as the Galaxy S24 Ultra is, there are plenty of smartphones available, and many of them match or even surpass the S24 Ultra in some important aspects.

Not sure whether to spend $1,300 on Samsung’s latest? Here are five smartphones you should consider buying instead of the Galaxy S24 Ultra.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus

The Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus is the phone that made us forget about the Galaxy S24 Ultra. After a positive review, we were ready to consider the S24 Ultra a top pick from Samsung for another year. However, the Galaxy S24 Plus entered the scene and changed our perspective.

It’s basically the S24 Ultra with all the “extras” carefully removed. While you miss out on the Ultra’s S Pen or periscope zoom lens, the Galaxy S24 Plus offers the same high-speed Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor, 1440p AMOLED display with 120Hz dynamic refresh rate, and 45W charging speeds, all for $300 less. Although you sacrifice a bit in battery and screen size, the differences are minimal – a 0.1-inch decrease in screen diagonal and 100 mAh less for a 5,000 mAh battery. These changes are so small they’re practically unnoticeable, and camera performance remains excellent, even without the ultra-high megapixels found on its bigger brother.

Similar performance, lower price

Sure, the S24 Ultra offers more features, but the question is, are those extras worth the extra $300 to you? This is a decision only you can make. In our view, the S24 Plus provides exceptional value for money and stands out as the best Samsung Galaxy S model this year.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Galaxy S24 Ultra Alternative

It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of the latest model, but it’s important to remember that “new” doesn’t always mean “better.”

While the S24 Ultra is a technical improvement, the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra remains an amazing phone. The differences between the two are hard to tell unless you delve into the technical specifications. The older model is a gram lighter, has slightly fewer pixels in the display and has a slightly older processor. Regardless, it remains a solid, premium device with a stunning display and ample processing power under an attractive design.

The S24 Ultra boasts Galaxy AI as its new flagship feature, but you can easily pass it up without much worry. The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra still offers a significant amount of smartphones and surprisingly even has a bit more than its newer counterpart. Remember the 5x periscope zoom lens on the S24 Ultra? Well, the S23 Ultra has a 10x zoom lens, which in retrospect seems a bit overkill. Who really needs an increase that big? Probably no one, and that’s exactly why Samsung removed it. However, that’s the whole reason the Ultra line exists, and we have to appreciate it when it goes above and beyond. Go for the Galaxy S23 Ultra instead and enjoy a good discount on almost the same phone.

OnePlus 12 Galaxy S24 Ultra Alternative

The OnePlus 12 isn’t trying to dethrone flagship phones (that’s the OnePlus 12R’s job), but there’s a solid case for calling it a Galaxy S24 Ultra competitor.

OnePlus has established itself by prioritizing powerful specs and eliminating unnecessary features – essentially the reverse philosophy of the S24 Ultra, where specs and special features are equally important. Powered by the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3, it shares the same powerful processing power as the S24 Ultra. But OnePlus takes it further with up to 512GB of storage and an astonishing maximum of 16GB of RAM. In addition to these specs, there’s a 1Hz to 120Hz refresh rate on a 1440p display, matching the S24 Ultra in size. This phone can match the rugged Ultra and hold its own in every aspect. It even boasts faster charging with an incredible 80W charging speed.

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While the camera may not match the S24 Ultra, it’s still a solid shooter and the significant price difference more than makes up for it. The OnePlus 12 starts at $800, marking a remarkable $500 savings. Granted, this is for the 256GB model with 12GB of RAM, but these specs are in line with the base S24 Ultra configuration, making it a balanced comparison. If you’re looking for a big phone with impressive specs, the OnePlus 12 is an excellent choice that also helps you keep a good amount of money in your pocket.

Google Pixel 8 ProGalaxy S24 Ultra Alternative

Google’s Pixel series may not be as widespread as Samsung’s Galaxy, but it’s built a solid reputation, and for some compelling reasons.

In recent years, we would have readily declared the Google Pixel phone as the best camera phone. This year, however, the Galaxy S24 Ultra surprisingly triumphed in our S24 Ultra vs. Pixel 8 Pro camera comparison. However, there are still plenty of compelling reasons to choose the Google Pixel 8 Pro over Samsung’s massive smartphone. The camera system remains outstanding, capturing photos with true-to-life colors and avoiding the vivid saturation often seen in Samsung cameras. While the wide-angle and telephoto shots may not match Samsung’s, it would be a mistake to underestimate the Pixel 8 Pro’s exceptional camera system.

That’s not all the Google Pixel 8 Pro has to offer. It’s a similar size to the S24 Ultra, which ensures you won’t miss out on that aspect, and boasts similar display specs, including a 120Hz dynamic refresh rate. The Google-designed Tensor G3 processor is robust and fast, featuring AI features comparable to the S24 Ultra because Google pioneered them.

Pure Android

While battery life may take a bit of a dip, only providing a day on a charge, the Android version of the Pixel makes up for it with a clean interface and useful features that don’t clutter the phone. While we appreciate one UI on the S24 Ultra, there’s no denying the extra features included, and purists will appreciate what Google brings to the table.

The final consideration is cost. The Pixel 8 Pro is a solid phone with comparable power, camera systems and features to the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra, but comes at a much lower price. The Google Pixel 8 Pro starts at $999, a full $300 less than the S24 Ultra. Even upgrading to 256GB of storage (matching the Ultra) will cost $1,059 — still significantly below the price of Samsung’s latest offering.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 Galaxy S24 Ultra Alternative

A compelling reason to choose the S24 Ultra is that it offers the cutting edge of smartphone technology with extremely powerful specs, an impressive camera and just about the most advanced display money can buy. Why “almost”? As Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 is on the market, and if you’re already investing at least $1,300 in a smartphone, why not go all-in and go for the most advanced device available?

In terms of specs, it’s comparable to the S24 Ultra, even if it’s not as powerful. The Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 is an outstanding chip with more power than you’re likely to need, and the camera is still excellent. But we all know what the real draw is here: the foldable screen. The 7.6-inch internal display has the same refresh rate as the S24 Ultra, while offering almost twice the width. When using such a large tablet-like screen isn’t feasible, there’s also a 6.2-inch display on the outside.

Unlike most options on this list, the Z Fold 5 is more expensive than the S24 Ultra, with prices starting at $1,799. But when you’re already willing to spend a significant amount on the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra and obviously want to get a little more, why not go a little further and really shoot for the stars?


While the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra boasts impressive specs and features, its high price might not be for everyone. Fortunately, many compelling alternatives offer similar power, camera capabilities, and innovative features, often at a more budget price. This article examines five such options, including the Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus, S23 Ultra, OnePlus 12, Google Pixel 8 Pro, and even the foldable Galaxy Z Fold 5, allowing you to make an informed decision that best suits your needs and budget.

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Top 5 Alternatives to the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra