Google I/O isn’t the only tech-related event this week. Uber has just endured annual GO-GET event and announced a whole bunch of new features coming to the ride-sharing platform/cab app/whatever you want to call it. Much of this news has to do with shuttles and expanded ride-sharing options, specifically a new option called Uber Shuttle.

This allows users to reserve up to five seats up to seven days in advance for transportation to and from major events such as concerts and basketball games, although it is also available for airport trips. The company boasts that this feature is especially budget-friendly, noting that each rider will pay “a fraction of the cost of UberX.” The company promises that these trips will not be affected by the price increase. It’s also worth noting that these shuttles are only for events listed on the app, which is pretty lame.

Uber has partnered with Live Nation to bring these shuttles to select venues over the summer, including Hard Rock Stadium in Miami and PNC Pavilion in Charlotte. These Uber Shuttles won’t be your typical Nissan Sentra or Toyota Camry. They are real shuttles that accommodate from 14 to 55 passengers. The company says each driver will receive a commercial license to operate a large vehicle.

Ride-sharing companies have been trying to crack the “rebranded bus” for some time. Uber tried something in 2015, called Uber Hop, which aimed to group more passengers together who are on a similar route. It didn’t last, but Uber Pool shared rides were a thing for years until the pandemic. This time around, Uber’s efforts are strictly event-focused, trying to fill a gap that exists in places where public transportation to and from venues isn’t very efficient thanks to our country’s dependence on cars.

GO-GET wasn’t just for shuttles with a fresh coat of paint from Silicon Valley. UberX Share, the company’s replacement for Uber Pool, which launches in 2023, is getting a new feature that lets users plan shared rides in advance to save some money. The company notes that the average passenger should save about 25 percent per trip using this tool compared to a regular UberX ride.

It says it’s “ideal for commuting” because the company has seen data that trips during traditional commuting hours have increased recently. Uber also says it is “deliberately launching this new offering in cities that have had some of the highest rates of employees returning to work.” This includes New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, San Diego and Atlanta, with more locations to be added in the near future.

The company also announced Uber Caregiver, which lets people book rides to nearby doctor appointments and the like. Eventually, you’ll also be able to use it to deliver things like groceries or over-the-counter medicine. If you’re caring for someone, they can add you to their Uber app as a designated caregiver, which then lets you do things like book a ride. Uber says you’ll also be able to apply insurance benefits — so if the person you’re caring for is on a program that provides a certain number of trips to a medical service center, for example, those things can be applied in the app to give you save money out of your pocket. Caregiver will roll out this summer, starting with travel booking options.

The app is used to order from Costco.


Food delivery platform Uber Eats is getting several updates. The company has added Costco to its lineup of retail delivery offerings. Not only will Costco members get things delivered, but they should get an extra discount on top of their membership privileges. Finally, Uber Eats Lists is a new way for people to decide what to eat. This allows users to view restaurant recommendations from friends and local foodies. Uber says it “makes it easier to explore a new city or change your preferences.” The service launched in July in New York and Chicago, with more cities to come.

Regular Uber users should care about these features in the summer, but not if they live in Minneapolis. Uber shares drop after city council votes to increase pay for drivers. He would rather leave a bustling metropolis than stick with a slight pay rise. Eventually, the idea of ​​fair pay could spread and infect the innocent minds of Uber drivers everywhere. Long live the healthy and normal gig economy.

Correction, May 15, 2024, 2:45 PM ET: This story has been updated to correct information about Uber Caregiver and to clarify that the high prices do not apply to the Uber Shuttle service. The title has also been updated.