WhatsApp has added four new text formatting options to help users communicate better. Starting today, WhatsApp users can use bulleted and numbered lists, block quotes, and embed code to highlight and organize their messages. This makes it easier to break up large chunks of text into something easier to read.

These new ones formatting options have been in development for some time and are now available on WhatsApp for Android, iOS, Web and Mac. They also support channels. These options join the existing bold, italic, strikethrough and monospace formats that were already available to all WhatsApp users.

The following describes how you can use markdown-style syntax directly in a message to implement these new formats.

Bullet Lists: You can now add bullet points to your messages to create bulleted lists, such as shopping lists. Just start your text with a “-” followed by a space.

Numbered list: If you need to write something down in a specific order, such as instructions, you can use numbered lists. Add one or two numbers followed by a period and a full space, such as “1. ” for the first item.

Blocked quotes: You can use block quotes to emphasize and make text stand out in longer messages. Just type the “>” symbol followed by a space before the text you want to highlight.

Embedded code: For programmers and anyone who wants to highlight specific information in text, you can use inline code. Wrap your text with the “`” character to use this format, like “this”.

How WhatsApp’s new text formatting styles improve text communication Format text in WhatsApp

The new WhatsApp text formatting styles will greatly improve text communication by offering several benefits:

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Improved readability

  • Bulleted and numbered lists: Organize information clearly, making it easier to scan and understand, especially for longer messages like shopping lists or instructions.
  • Block quotes: Highlight key points or quotes, improving message flow and understanding.
  • Embedded code: Distinguish code snippets or technical terms by making them visually distinct for better understanding.

Improved clarity and precision

  • Accurate presentation of information: Code snippets, numbers, and quotes maintain their intended formatting, reducing confusion and ensuring correct interpretation.
  • Accent and Structure: Emphasize important points and structure messages logically, resulting in clearer communication.

Increased flexibility

  • Different communication styles: Cater to different communication needs and preferences, allowing users to express themselves more effectively.
  • Accessibility: Supporting different types of information (text, code, citations) improves accessibility for users with different reading styles.

Overall, these new formatting options improve WhatsApp communication by making it more organized, readable, and flexible. They enable users to express themselves more clearly and engage in more nuanced conversations.

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