is bringing its generative AI (GAI) technology to mobile devices for the first time. GAI features are included in the beta version of the new app for Android and iOS starting today. They should provide users with greater opportunities to create and edit while on the go.

Using text prompts, you’ll be able to generate images and insert, remove, or replace people, objects, and other elements such as backgrounds. Quick actions let you apply edits, remove backgrounds, and resize images with one tap. Video editing tools, a social content scheduler, and collaboration options are also available. Creative Cloud subscribers can use the Express mobile app to import and edit designs from Illustrator and Photoshop.

Adobe says Firefly GAI is intended for commercial use. Assets generated using the Firefly tools include a tag indicating that they were forged in the GAI fire.

During beta, are available to everyone for free, but will eventually be locked behind a $10 per month subscription. The number of users who have access to the iOS beta is limited. Anyone interested can sign up . The Android beta version of the new Express app is available in most countries on .

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