Apple unveiled its latest iPads at the new ‘Let Loose’ event. To improve the tablet experience, the company also introduced the new Apple Pencil Pro. It boasts exciting features and improvements over the standard Apple Pencil. Below you will find all the necessary details, including the main highlights and prices.

Squeeze and flip gestures

Apple Pencil Pro introduces new gestures designed to increase user productivity. A simple tap brings up a tool palette, allowing you to quickly switch between tools, line weight and colors.

The flip gesture allows precise control over your tools. By rotating the barrel of the Apple Pencil Pro, you can change the orientation of the shaped pen and brush tools, making your drawings look more realistic and natural. Finally, the mouse cursor gesture gives you a preview of the exact placement of the tool before you commit to the brand.

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Haptic feedback and more

Apple understands the importance of a seamless user experience. That’s why they brought haptic feedback with the new Apple Pencil Pro. It provides a more refined feel and subtle confirmations for actions like squeezing. Haptic feedback is a genius idea. It can make things much more realistic, which is exactly what Apple is trying to achieve with their stylus.

There are other small highlights. For example, the stylus also supports Find My, helping you find it if you lose it. Additionally, the company has included seamless integration with the iPad Pro. Thanks to the magnetic interface, you can easily attach, charge and pair Pencil Pro with iPad.


The Apple Pencil Pro is available for $129. While users can also pick up the standard Apple Pencil for $79. You can check more details at Apple’s official website.

In conclusion, Apple Pencil Pro offers an improved experience compared to the standard mode. With new gestures, Apple is trying to make the experience more realistic. The new stylus will certainly come in handy for artists who love to draw on their iPad.

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Apple Pencil Pro Unveiled: Gestures, Haptic Feedback, and More