In an alarming development, many Apple users reported that they were unexpectedly signed out of their Apple ID accounts and were forced to reset their passwords to regain access. This issue has been widely reported for various Apple devices, including iPhones, iPads, and Macs.

Widespread reports of account suspensions

According to reports, the issue began appearing on social media around 8:00 PM ET on April 26 and continued to grow throughout the night. Users are reporting that their devices have suddenly signed them out of their Apple ID accounts, prompting them to reset their passwords to sign in again.

One user reported that during normal use, their device suddenly dropped out of its Apple ID account and ask them to set a new password. When they tried to log in with their previous password, they were unable to do so. Below is a screenshot of multiple users complaining about the issue

Surprisingly, this widespread problem is not acknowledged on Apple’s own System Status web page. This leaves many users confused and concerned about the security of their accounts.

Potential consequences for consumers

This unexpected account ban has caused further complications for users, especially those with stolen device protection enabled. These users may be away from a trusted location, making it difficult to regain access to their accounts. Additionally, users who had previously set passwords for specific apps within iCloud also had those passwords reset, potentially disrupting their access to various services and apps.

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Potential causes and recommendations

While the exact cause of this issue is currently unknown, it is possible that it is related to a security vulnerability or a targeted attack against Apple’s password reset feature. Similar attacks have been reported in the past where fraudsters used Apple’s password reset tool to spam users with notifications trying to steal their credentials.

In the meantime, Apple users are advised to remain vigilant and avoid clicking on suspicious password reset notifications. If you receive multiple password reset requests that you did not initiate, it is extremely important that you select the “Do not allow” option in notifications and do not provide any information to callers claiming to be from Apple Support. Additionally, users are encouraged to enable two-factor authentication on their Apple ID accounts. This is to add an extra layer of security and prevent unauthorized access.


The widespread reports of Apple users who have signed out of their accounts are unexpected. More worrying is the fact that they can no longer log in with their old passwords. They are now asked to reset their passwords. This is an alarming development that has left many users frustrated and concerned about the security of their data. While the exact cause is still unknown, Apple users are advised to take proactive steps to protect their accounts. Users should also remain vigilant against potential phishing attempts. As this situation continues to develop, it will be important for Apple to address the issue. The company should also provide clear guidance to its users.

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Apple users logged out of their Apple ID accounts and asked to reset their passwords