The Pixel 5 isn’t quite it deserves its high price, especially since the software support window is ending soon (October 2023). Amazon is currently selling Pixel 4A 5G at the same price as Pixel 6A, and while it’s a good phone, it should be cheaper. Better stick with the Pixel 6A. As for the older Pixels, they’re not worth picking up. They’re just too old (and the Pixel 4 suffers from poor battery performance). Many of these devices will stop being received software updates soon, if they haven’t already. Buy one of the newer models.

Cases and accessories we love

Official Google case

Photo: Google

The updated case for the Pixel 7 series looks more durable than ever, and you can match them to the color of your Pixel. The thermoplastic elastomer is pleasant to the touch and has raised edges on the front to protect the screen. The body of the Pixel 7 is made with more than 30 percent recycled plastic, and the polycarbonate shell uses 77 percent recycled plastic. There are metal power and volume buttons and they are 100 percent recycled aluminum. The Pixel 6 and Pixel 6A cases are similar, but slightly different.

This is the best case if you often attach your Pixel to the handlebars of a bicycle or electric scooter. Peak Design’s mounting system allows you to attach the phone to it with a magnet Universal Bike Rack ($50) and it stays put – after nearly a year of testing, I have yet to have a phone fall out of my car with this mounting system. It also doesn’t break the Pixel’s wireless charging. The company has several more magnetic accessories you can use, like a stand for car. The case itself is nice; I just wish the edges were raised a bit more for better screen protection.

This is one of the best clear cases you’ll find, especially at this price, for the Pixel. The buttons are clicky, the Pixel’s color shows through clearly, and the back doesn’t feel too sticky, which can be a problem with some clear cases.

Caseology Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Photo: Caseology

Pixel phones don’t do very well when it comes to screen durability — they scratch easily. We originally tested this protector for the Pixel 5A, but it’s no longer available. Caseology does sell it now for Pixel 7, Pixel 6 and Pixel 6A. Installation is easy and includes a squeegee to get rid of air bubbles. You get two screen protectors for the price, including a microfiber cloth, tissue, and dust removal stickers.

This is another easy to apply tempered glass protector. The Pixel 7 and Pixel 6 version come with two protectors, but Spigen only includes one for the Pixel 6A. boo! You get a full cleaning kit to wipe down your phone, an alignment tool to help you get the application right, and a squeegee to get rid of air bubbles.

This screen protector was really easy to put on and left me with almost no air bubbles. You only get one protector, but there’s an alcohol wipe to clean the screen beforehand, a microfibre cloth, an applicator and a wiper. The problem? This is not tempered glass, but a mixture of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) and polyethylene terephthalate (PET). It is a cheaper material that is usually not as impact resistant.

You only get one screen protector here and that’s it very expensive. That’s because Zagg claims the protector is five times stronger than traditional screen protectors. I haven’t seen too many scratches on my Pixel 6A yet, but take that with a grain of salt. It applies easily with the included applicator, but Zagg doesn’t include a squeegee at this price, so you’ll have to use your fingers to push out any air bubbles. Comes with dust sticker, wet wipe and microfiber cloth.

Google Pixel Stand (Gen 2)

Photo: Google

Of the Pixels we recommend in this guide, wireless charging is only available on the Pixel 6, Pixel 6 Pro, Pixel 7, and Pixel 7 Pro. Google’s own Pixel Stand is one of the best wireless chargers out there because it’s simple. The base doesn’t slide, the phone stays still, and it allows for some fun features like turning the screen into a digital photo frame and quick access to Google Assistant. It’s made from 39 percent recycled materials, and also has mostly eco-friendly packaging. Our guide to the best wireless chargers has more options. Also available on Best buy.

This charging adapter is all you need to recharge your Pixel, no matter what model you have. The latest high-end Pixel phones don’t come with chargers in the box, so if you don’t have spare USB-C chargers, it’s worth getting one. The prongs on this one don’t fold, but it’s still really compact.

These cases are expensive, but they have raised lips and offer decent protection around the edges. The buttons are clicky and you can choose from several designs for the back, including walnut, leather, bamboo, silver pearl and aramid fiber. (I love walnut.) What makes this case special is that it supports MagSafe — yes, Apple’s magnetic system for accessories. I’ve successfully used the Mous Limitless 5.0 with several MagSafe accessories, such as the Belkin Wireless Charger, to recharge the Pixel 7 Pro. You can also go with Mous’ IntraLock case to use the company’s proprietary magnetic accessory system to attach your phone to it bicycle or stand for car with more certainty.

Photo: Spigen

It’s slim, has a nice texture, retains the clicky buttons, and has precise cutouts for the ports and speakers. What don’t you love? Well, it’s a bit boring, but I still think this case is one of the most attractive cases in Spigen’s lineup. The edges aren’t raised dramatically, so don’t expect much screen protection.

Want a stand to prop up your Pixel? This Spigen case has one built in and it does the job, but unfortunately you can only keep your device on in landscape mode – not great for hands-free TikTok. It has a thick bumper that offers good protection around the edges, though it doesn’t have much of a protruding lip, so you’ll still want to pair it with a screen protector.

Of all the Pixel cases I’ve tried, this one feels the best. It has a lovely texture that feels nice to the touch, and the case maintains a slim profile. The buttons remain clicky and the ports are well exposed. It is accessible, but the front edges are not raised. There is a good chance that the screen will hit the ground when you drop it.

Photo: Moment

Pixels have great cameras, but you can take them further by using third-party lenses like those of Moment. Attach a fisheye lens for a fun, distorted photo effect. Use a 58mm telephoto lens to get even closer to your subject. Whatever lens you choose, you’ll need a Moment case to make the system work. Unfortunately, the Pixel 7, Pixel 7 Pro and Pixel 6A cases are not compatible with the lenses. I like them though because they have magnets built in – they’ll work with Moment’s various MagSafe mounts as one for tripods, video lighting fixtures and microphones.

This dual layer case from Otterbox feelings really sturdy but still quite thin. The edges around the camera module and front screen are raised, the buttons are easy to press, and the headphone jack and USB-C port are protected from the elements. This one offers a step up in protection compared to the above photos.

It takes some effort to install this case on your Pixel, but once you do, it’s probably the best protection you’ll find. There’s a two-piece polycarbonate inner shell that snaps over and under the Pixel, and then a thick synthetic rubber cover sits on top for ultimate durability. The buttons are surprisingly clicky, even though the whole phone will be thicker, wider and heavier. It’s made from more than 50 percent recycled plastic and has a holster you can slip it into to wear your Pixel proudly on your belt. (The holster can also double as a stand.)

Hidden tricks to try if you get a Pixel

Waiting time.

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There are some key features exclusive to the Pixels that you won’t find on any other Android phone. Some of these are only available on select Pixels – those powered by Google’s Tensor chips are more capable because it’s the company’s own silicon. Here’s a quick breakdown: