The Brave browser, known for its privacy-focused features, is bringing its artificial intelligence (AI) assistant Leo to Android devices. The software firm first announced its AI chatbot in November 2023 when Leo was added to the desktop browser. The company’s chatbot can work on several major language models, which are available for both the free version (with speed limits) and the premium version. Leo can perform all the common tasks of an AI assistant, including summarizing pages, answering queries, chatting, as well as writing codes.

The announcement was made by Brave in a blog post where he revealed that Android browser users will now get access to AI assistant Leo after updating it to version 1.63. Once updated, users can open the browser, start typing in the address bar, and click the AI ​​icon (a four-pointed star icon) to activate Leo. To start a chat on the page, users can tap the icon with three vertically aligned dots and click on Leo to get started. The company also emphasized that the AI ​​tool will become available to iOS users in the coming weeks.

Leo can do anything an average AI chatbot can do. It can create web page summaries, respond to queries, generate written content, translate pages, analyze them, write codes, and even summarize and transcribe video or audio content. It can also be used to compare products, retrieve a good recipe for a particular cuisine, or create a travel itinerary. Due to Brave’s privacy-first approach, users do not need to register or log into the browser to use Leo, just opening the browser gives direct access.

The AI ​​chatbot is not trained on a specific large language model (LLM). Instead, Brave gives three LLMs for users to choose from, depending on the occasion and preference. By default, the assistant works on the Mixtral 8x7B model, but users can also choose between Claude Instant and Llama 2 (variant 13B). There are two versions of Leo available, one is free and the other is paid. The free version offers all LLMs, but adds a strict speed limit. The premium version has higher speed limits and offers additional features.

Brave Browser’s Leo Premium plan offers priority access to AI models, higher response accuracy, and more. The monthly subscription fee is priced at $14.99 in the US and Rs. 1450 in India.

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