Meta is finally providing some visibility into what conversations are happening on its Twitter competitor, Threads. The service is rolling out its “update now” feature to all US users, Mark Zuckerberg said

The feature, which the company launched in February, uses AI to uncover a handful of topics “based on what people are engaging with right now.” Trends will appear on the Threads search page and will also appear between posts in For You users’ feeds.

So far, the feature is still quite limited. The threads only show five current topics at any given time, which is probably an attempt to keep the list relatively curated and avoid some of the problems that are feature on Twitter and now X. Meta said it is hiring human “content specialists” to review topics and ensure trends comply with the company’s safety policies.

However, the official arrival of trends brings a much sought after feature to the app. Until now, users have had very few ways to get an idea of ​​what others are saying outside of what they can see in their own feeds. Trends also provide users with a way to keep up with some news and current events on the platform despite the Meta to “promote” news content on Threads.